6 ways interning abroad will boost your networking skills

In any profession, who you know can matter just as much as what you know. Learn how to boost your networking skills, make meaningful connections and grow your professional network through an internship abroad.


1. You’ll learn international “shoptalk”

Every industry has its own vocabulary and buzz words. Being placed in a foreign office in your field will help you learn what the international shoptalk and industry vocabulary sounds like. Using this will be incredibly useful in any networking context in the future when you need to prove your interest and knowledge of the industry you’re looking to enter. You’ll sound like a pro in no time.


2. Attending work events

Office events at your internship abroad are a great place to schmooze with professionals in your field in an international context. Whenever there are any social events related to your work, make sure to go and introduce yourself. You’ll be privy to industry conversations, better understand how to network in an international context and get comfortable chatting in new professional contexts.


boost your networking skills


3. You’ll gain experience breaking down cultural barriers

Every office has its own dynamics and work culture. When you’re going abroad you’ll be forced to learn new cultural and office dynamics in a foreign context. Learning new communication styles and ways to run an office will better equip you to deal with professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Ultimately you’ll be able to network with a broader range of people working in your sector.


4. Office time

Putting in the hours at an office in your industry is the perfect way to get insider knowledge. Once you start to understand better how your sector functions, it will be easier to sound confident in a networking context. Plus, working alongside professionals in your field offers hours of opportunities to have meaningful conversations about the industry and meet important people in your field. You never know which internship manager or colleague might introduce you to your next boss or associate.


boost your networking skills


5. Social events with other interns

Internship networking events and professional development sessions are an excellent way to practice your networking skills with your international peers. You’ll get a chance to meet up-and-coming professionals from all over the world and also learn about all the different careers they’re pursuing. Not only is this a great chance to network professionally, it’s also the chance to make friends from all over the world. These can lead to lifelong international friendships and open up future travel opportunities to visit friends from countries across the globe.


6. Lunches with colleagues

At an internship you have one hour each day that can be leveraged for networking purposes. Invite different colleagues out and get to know them. Learn about their career paths, what they studied and what they are interested in. You’ll establish meaningful relationships with international professionals in your field.


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