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5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way in which many companies take responsibility for the impacts of their business. Professionals working in CSR focus on expanding the ways in which their organization can give back to a community. Many companies use CSR to share their values and beliefs, or to affect social change. For the socially minded young professional, Corporate Social Responsibility is the perfect way to pursue a socially responsible business career.


Here are the top reasons to pursue a career in Corporate Social Responsibility:


A rewarding career

If you’re looking for a career you can feel good about, CSR should be at the top of your list. You’ll be part of building a socially responsible business, while simultaneously promoting your company’s brand. Whether you’re focusing on environmental efforts, philanthropy, or volunteering in the community, CSR is focused on positive outcomes.


The right background

No matter what you studied, you probably have the right background for a role in Corporate Social Responsibility. Because CSR stretches across so many industries, most CSR professionals don’t come from the same backgrounds. However, they do have one thing in common: a passion for making a difference. You’ll use strategy, creativity and of course strong interpersonal skills. To gain some professional experience to compliment your degree, start out with internships in the field of business or entrepreneurship.

Transferable skills

As a CSR professional, you’ll use and develop a wide variety of transferable skills. Many of the abilities that you developed as a student or intern will take you far in this field. The top skills for Corporate Social Responsibility include research, public speaking and presentations, writing, and strong interpersonal skills.


Endless variety

Companies across nearly every industry are pursuing CSR strategies. Because of this, the variety in the field is endless. CSR professionals across different industries use the same core skill set. However, you can also utilize your own specialty. For financially focused young professionals, consider CSR for the finance sector. Have a degree in environmental studies? Look for a company who’s CSR plan centers around protecting the environment.


A career in CSR allows you to be innovative, creative and think about the future. CSR is a field that is constantly changing, and there is plenty of room for new ideas or ways of thinking. Conferences and events, both domestic and international, are great ways to make sure you stay at the forefront of the field.


Boost your chances of landing a job in Corporate Social Responsibility by gaining invaluable experience.



10 Tips for a Career in Corporate Social Responsibility


1. Courtesy of The Intern Group

2. Courtesy of The Intern Group

3. 2013 World Water Week Young Professionals, by Worldwaterweek, CC BY 2.0

Blog by Maeve Allsup

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