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7 career tips for college students

College is the right time to be thinking about what’s ahead, where you want to live and what kind of career you would like to have. Following these career tips for college students will ensure that you’re prepared for a bright future. 


1. Listen to your professors

Even though university is different from a professional environment, your professors know what they’re talking about.  They have the best career tips for college students. University skills like writing, researching, and learning time management will take you a long way in your professional life, so listen to the advice your professors offer you.


2. Gain professional experience through an internship

Trying out different fields and learning new skills is the perfect way to see what type of career path you’d like to take.  Professional experience, no matter the sector, will better prepare you for the real world and help you figure out what you enjoy. Plus, getting a foot in the door when you’re young will make the job hunt less painful.


Career tips for college students


3. Think about what you don’t like

If you really dislike certain subjects in school, it could be a sign of what to avoid in terms of a profession. Although there are always bad courses and professors, if you’re taking multiple chemistry classes that you cannot stand, maybe a chemistry major isn’t for you.


4. Listen to yourself

Most college students go into university thinking they’ll study one thing and end up with a totally different degree. That’s fine. College is the best time in life to experiment, even though it can be stressful.


Career tips for college students


5. Go abroad and learn another language

An international experience, especially if it’s a job or professional internship, will show you’re the kind of gutsy, risk-taking individual who isn’t afraid of a challenge or of the unknown. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, understanding a second or third language will give you an edge when you are applying for jobs.


6. Always consider the real world

As you follow your passions and interests in school, it’s always important to keep a leg firmly planted in post-graduation reality. Whatever you’re studying, you should be thinking about what that might lead to in terms of jobs.


7. Talk to recent grads

Use connections at your school to connect with students who have graduated and are doing well in the “real world.”  Take them out for coffee and ask them to share some insight. See what internships worked for them and how they found out about their current job. Become part of alumni networks and see if you can leverage those connections to start finding opportunities.


Now that you know career tips for college students, learn more about boosting your resume abroad.


1. based on university, by Andréa Portilla, CC-by-ND 2.0

2. based on 130305-104 Chemistry, by US Coast Guard Academy, Public Domain

3. based on College of DuPage Celebrates 50th Commencement 2017 84, by COD Newsroom, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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