Top Careers for Business Majors

Majoring in business is great for young people interested in the private sector. A business major is one of the most marketable undergraduate degrees and can lead to a stable career. Here are the top careers for business majors.


1. Business Advisor

A business degree can prepare you for a career as a business advisor. Business advisors can work independently for many clients or can be consultants within one larger firm. They provide advice and analysis to small and mid-sized firms.  Maintaining client relations and earning profits are the main responsibilities of a consultant. Career business advisors can make more than $100,000 a year.


2. Sales Manager

A business degree leads many young professionals to pursue a career as a sales manager. A sales manager’s duties are pretty straightforward – they are in charge of the sales department within an organization. It is their job to come up with a sales strategy and then execute that strategy by leading the sales team. Also, they must be able to analyze sales data and implement sales training. A sales manager can make over $100,000 per year.


Careers for business majors


3. Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur or business owner is one of the hardest careers out there, but it is also one of the most rewarding. An entrepreneur has to be innovative and efficient, while also knowing how to execute a project and manage a team. Though you’re dabbling in many different areas, you’re working for yourself, which is a reward few jobs offer. On average, entrepreneurs make around $70,000.


4. Management Analyst

If you like analyzing problems and finding solutions, management analysis might be right for you. Management analysts look inside companies at various procedures and come up with ways to make improvements. They suggest various solutions that can make the business more efficient and profitable. Management analysts can make $45,000 to $145,000 a year.


Careers for business majors


5. Sales Representative

Business majors who have strong interpersonal relationships and a talent for sales should consider being a sales representative. Not only are there a wide range of sales opportunities around the world, the profession can be very lucrative if you’re selling the right product – making as much as $145,000 a year. Sales representatives are talented at finding new clients, maintaining clients, price negotiations and networking.


And more…

Business degrees also provide a number of transferable skills useful in other career fields. From human resources, marketing and accounting, a business degree is a great base to build a successful career.


Now that you know more about careers for business majors, apply now for an internship and boost your career!


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