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Business etiquette in Spanish speaking countries

Business etiquette in Spanish

Mexico City and Madrid are both capital cities that share the same national language, but that’s where their similarities begin and end. In fact, they are nothing alike, which shows that business etiquette in Spanish speaking countries varies greatly. The way of life in Mexico City is very different from that of Madrid, as I have learned…

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Interning in Colombia: Reflections 2 Years Later

interning in Colombia

Star intern Kristine de Bever explains how interning in Colombia continues to impact life now that she’s back home in Australia. I first set foot in Medellín two years ago. All I could see on my ride into the city from the Rionegro airport was tall grass and luscious green trees, with banana trees here…

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My life as an intern in Melbourne

intern in melbourne

Leonard is a Politics and History major at the University of Auckland, and recently completed an internship program with The Intern Group in Australia. In this blog, he documents what it is like as an intern in Melbourne. Kia ora everyone, my name is Leonard Hong. I’m from New Zealand and I participated in The Intern Group’s program in Melbourne. I spent 8 weeks…

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Alumni Series: Holly’s life in Dublin

life in Dublin

About me Hey readers, my name is Holly and I am an alumna from The Intern Group Dublin Programme! I arrived in Dublin on August 4th and my two months there have been filled with belly aching laughter, homesickness tears, the changing of life plans, indecisive life decisions, and the best new friendships a girl…

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Scholarship Series: 7 of my favorite things to do in Colombia

Things to do in Colombia

Global Leadership Grant winner Lorena Reis spent her summer interning abroad in Colombia after receiving one of The Intern Group’s scholarships. Here are her favorite highlights and recommended things to do in Colombia. 1. My internship Of course, one of my favorite things to do in Colombia was my internship. It has not only provided…

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7 benefits of international internships for college students

internships for college students

In tоdау’ѕ competitive market, job ѕееkеrѕ are actively looking for an edge to stand out among others. At times, еduсаtіоn аnd еxtrасurrісulаr activities mіght not bе еnоugh tо set an individual араrt frоm аnоthеr. I believe one of thе bеѕt ways to get this sort of еxреrіеnсе is thrоugh іntеrnѕhірs for college students. Intеrnѕhірѕ give реорlе,…

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7 reasons to do an internship in South America

internship in South America

  Wondering what it’s like to do an internship in South America?  Ginna, a student at UNC Chapel Hill and an alumna of The Intern Group’s Colombia program recommends the following 7 reasons to do an internship in Colombia.  1. The country is wonderful This is a city that is innovative, growing, rich in culture,…

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Ask The Ambassador: Q&A With Our Alumni Ambassadors

Curious about what it’s like to pursue an international internship experience? Our Alumni Ambassadors, Juliet Watkin-Rees and Mateusz Andrulewicz from The University of Birmingham UK, interviewed each other so you can learn more about each of their experiences with The Intern Group last year.   1. Where did you go? JULIET: I spent 6-months interning at a marketing…

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