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Politics Internships: Summer 2019

Politics internships summer 2019

Politics, both domestic and international, is one of the most competitive fields there is. Getting a foot in the door of the political field can be a tall order, even in your home country. If you’re hoping to pursue a career in international relations and politics, experience abroad is essential and there are plenty of…

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What can I do with a finance degree?

Majoring in finance is a savvy decision for a young person who knows how to crunch numbers and is interested in working in the private sector. Earning a degree in finance opens up a rising professional to several stable and high-paying jobs in the financial services industry. In addition to earning a finance degree, studies…

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What type of internship can I do with my major?

what can I do with my major

As a student or recent grad, you may be asking yourself, “what can I do with my major?”, when thinking about your future plans. While there are certain majors that have a direct career path, there are others that could lead you down many different routes. Each area of studies will help you with a…

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Scholarship Series: Daniel’s recap of his foreign policy internship

  For my experience with The Intern Group, I completed a foreign policy internship with a data analysis company called Northraine in Richmond, Melbourne. My mentor was Martin Kemka, the company’s co-founder, as well as the co-founder of WeTeachMe, a startup which links professionals with learners in locally organized classes teaching a variety of different…

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Fall internships abroad for college students and recent graduates

Fall internships will teach a young person vital professional lessons, working in an office alongside established professionals. Fall internships abroad also allow students to network with industry professionals in their field and other ambitious young professionals from all over the world. There are so many benefits of fall internships for college students and recent graduates.…

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Government and Politics Internships in London

English government and politics has a fascinating history that began with houses of kings and queens. The government has spent the last 800 years gradually lessening the power of its monarchy, which ruled England for centuries and continues to play its role. With a government with such rich history and global importance, London is an…

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Government and Politics Internships in Australia

Some 23 million people live in Australia, a country with a booming economy and rich natural treasures. The country is among the Commonwealths and began forming its federal state in 1901. Australia is dominated by a two-party political system and is ruled under both a federal constitutional parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Australia’s capital…

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Government and Politics Internships in Colombia

Government and politics internships in Colombia

There’s no better time to make a government and politics internship in Colombia a reality. The international internship program based in the modern city of Medellín offers interns a unique on-the-ground perspective of the rapid economic growth and development underway in Colombia. The stable democratic republic has made huge leaps in innovation, particularly in Medellín,…

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