Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Hospitality, Events & Tourism internships in Toronto

Hospitality, Events and Tourism internships in Toronto

Toronto is the perfect location for an international internship in Hospitality, Events and Tourism. This dynamic city will prepare you for a successful career, thanks to internships that offer real-world professional experience. Hospitality, Events and Tourism internships in Toronto offer young professionals the unique opportunity to gain insider experience in Canada’s largest city and hot…

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What type of internship can I do with my major?

what can I do with my major

As a student or recent grad, you may be asking yourself “what can I do with my major?” when thinking about your future plans. While there are certain majors that have a direct career path, there are others that could lead you down many different routes. Each area of studies will equip you with a…

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Alumni Series: Kathy’s Marketing Internship in Hong Kong

hong kong marketing

  During my six-month Hong Kong marketing internship, I’ve learned a lot about the working culture in Hong Kong, the events industry, and my career potential. The highlight of my internship was working on the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibitions Center. The event gathered over 1,800 attendees…

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Hospitality, Events and Tourism internships in Chicago

Chicago is one of the leading cities for tourism in the United States, ripe with museums, concerts, events, culture and more. Whether for business or pleasure, tens of millions of people from around the world visit this city each year, making it one of the best places for Hospitality, Events and Tourism internships. Interning in…

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Fall internships abroad for college students and recent graduates

Fall internships will teach a young person vital professional lessons, working in an office alongside established professionals. Fall internships abroad also allow students to network with industry professionals in their field and other ambitious young professionals from all over the world. There are so many benefits of fall internships for college students and recent graduates.…

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Hospitality, events and tourism internships in Berlin

Hospitality, events and tourism internships in Berlin offer ambitious, young professionals a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Interns will enjoy exploring Germany’s diverse capital, which has a healthy and thriving tourism industry and some of Germany’s top hotels and venues for world-class events. Hospitality, events and tourism interns will be working among the best and brightest hospitality professionals,…

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Hospitality, events and tourism internships in Shanghai

There’s no better place to understand the hospitality industry and the importance of globalization than in China. A young hospitality industry professional in Shanghai will have the opportunity to boost their career, soak up Chinese culture and explore a leading international city. Hospitality, events and tourism internships in Shanghai offer interns the chance to gain…

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Hospitality, Events and Tourism internships in Dublin

As intimate as it is spirited, Dublin’s many charms will win over any intern seeking an international adventure and real-world professional experience. This historic city, centered around gorgeous Georgian city squares possesses a magic only the Irish can fully understand. Working at leading hotels and venues in the Irish capital, hospitality, events and tourism interns…

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Hospitality and hotel internships abroad

A classroom can only teach you so much about the hospitality and hotel business. It’s one of those fields that proves how “make or break” real-world experience can be. Working in hotel management or hospitality requires a mix of strong interpersonal skills, relevant experience and practical knowledge. That’s why there is no better way to…

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