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Interning in Colombia: Reflections 2 Years Later

interning in Colombia

Star intern Kristine de Bever explains how interning in Colombia continues to impact life now that she’s back home in Australia. I first set foot in Medellín two years ago. All I could see on my ride into the city from the Rionegro airport was tall grass and luscious green trees, with banana trees here…

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Theater and Music Internships in Chile

theater and music internships in chile

Theater and music internships in Chile are the perfect way to turn your passions into a career. No matter where you are in your academic career, an internship will allow you to gain professional experience and set yourself apart. Of course, the entertainment industry is an extremely competitive one. Getting your foot in the door,…

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My life as an intern in Melbourne

intern in melbourne

Leonard is a Politics and History major at the University of Auckland, and recently completed an internship program with The Intern Group in Australia. In this blog, he documents what it is like as an intern in Melbourne. Kia ora everyone, my name is Leonard Hong. I’m from New Zealand and I participated in The Intern Group’s program in Melbourne. I spent 8 weeks…

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5 Reasons To Go To Bangkok For An Internship

reasons to go to bangkok

Thailand’s capital is the perfect place for young professionals. There are many reasons to go to Bangkok, from the food and the friendly locals, to the travel opportunities. All of this has made Bangkok the most visited city in the world. Deciding whether to travel or gain professional experience is a tough call. However, with…

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Summer 2019 Art, Photography and Design Internships

Art Photography and Design Internships Summer 2019

Are you looking for a way to boost your credentials while still enjoying your summer? Art, photography and design internships summer 2019 are perfect for students who want the best of both worlds. With an international internship, you’ll be able to travel and learn about new cultures and languages. However, you’ll also be immersed in…

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Public Health internships in Chile

public health internships in Chile

Pursuing a career in the health field is a challenging yet rewarding professional path. Public health internships in Chile are an excellent way to launch your career and get your foot in the door. Setting yourself apart from the competition early on is essential, and professional experience abroad is the perfect way to do just…

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5 reasons to intern in Spain this summer

intern experience in Spain

Spain: the land of sunshine, churros, football and Flamenco music. The intern experience in Spain is unlike any other. From the beaches of Barcelona to the plazas of Madrid, you’re unlikely to find a more amazing place. Each of these cities is colorful, vibrant and completely unique. Whether you’re traveling along the coast or exploring…

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TV and Film internships in Bangkok

tv and film internships in bangkok

TV and Film internships in Bangkok are an excellent way to put yourself at the center of a competitive global industry. Hands on experience is the best way to get ahead professionally, and Bangkok is the place to do it. As one of the fastest growing economies in southeast Asia, Thailand is a destination on…

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Top cities for summer internships 2019

práctica de periodismo en España

For a student or young professional, there’s nothing more important than hands on experience. As degrees become less important in certain industries, internships are absolutely essential. Whether you’re graduating soon or have just started your job search, it’s time to start thinking about applying for summer internships. 2019 is your year. In order to stand…

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