Alumni Series: Holly’s life in Dublin

life in Dublin

About me Hey readers, my name is Holly and I am an alumna from The Intern Group Dublin Programme! I arrived in Dublin on August 4th and my two months there have been filled with belly aching laughter, homesickness tears, the changing of life plans, indecisive life decisions, and the best new friendships a girl…

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World’s top cities for students

World's top cities for students

These incredible global cities are prime internship destinations for students around the world. If you’re interested in living abroad in one of the world’s top cities for students, look no further.   1. Barcelona The enchanting  paradise of Barcelona charms students from all over the world. With its unique culture, gorgeous architecture and beautiful beaches,…

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6 reasons an internship abroad in Europe will change your life

Living in Europe will change your outlook on the world around you. These open-minded societies with rich histories and cultures can leave a life-long impact on interns abroad. Learn why an internship abroad in Europe is the gift that keeps on giving.   1. You’ll make personal connections to the region Interning abroad in Europe…

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Human Resources internships in Dublin

In the gorgeous green city of Dublin, a human resources intern abroad can find a world of inspiration and adventure. This Irish capital has so much to offer a young human resources professional looking for adventure, experience and a challenge. Human resources internships in Dublin will prepare ambitious young professionals for a successful career in…

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Ask the intern: What is life like in Dublin?

Hi Sugar, I am a student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I have just been accepted onto the Dublin program for an 8 week placement in IT. I’m looking forward to starting my placement in Dublin but if I’m being honest I feel a bit in the dark as I’ve never been to Ireland.…

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Engineering internships in Dublin

Few European cities can compete with the magic of Dublin. This green capital has so much to offer a young professional seeking an international adventure and a professional challenge. Engineering internships in Dublin will prepare ambitious interns for successful careers in this competitive and challenging field. This experience will also quench a young person’s wanderlust,…

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