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7 benefits of international internships for college students

internships for college students

In tоdау’ѕ competitive market, job ѕееkеrѕ are actively looking for an edge to stand out among others. At times, еduсаtіоn аnd еxtrасurrісulаr activities mіght not bе еnоugh tо set an individual араrt frоm аnоthеr. I believe one of thе bеѕt ways to get this sort of еxреrіеnсе is thrоugh іntеrnѕhірs for college students. Intеrnѕhірѕ give реорlе,…

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Ask The Ambassador: Q&A With Our Alumni Ambassadors

international internship experience

Curious about what it’s like to pursue an international internship experience? Our Alumni Ambassadors, Juliet Watkin-Rees and Mateusz Andrulewicz from The University of Birmingham UK, interviewed each other so you can learn more about each of their experiences with The Intern Group last year.   1. Where did you go? JULIET: I spent 6-months interning at a marketing…

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Ask the Intern: Where should I do an internship in Asia?

Dear Danielle, my name is Dylan and I’m interested in interning abroad in Asia. I don’t have any previous experience with Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese, but eastern culture in general just really fascinates me. With Asian countries holding such high stakes in the international economy, as well as being leaders of tech, I feel that…

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6 reasons why you have to do an internship in China

This world superpower has so much to offer an intern abroad. Young international professionals will have the opportunity to see firsthand this region’s unique and intricate history, ancient traditions and emerging markets. Check out some of our favorite reasons to go to China for an international internship.   1. Gain insight into China’s rich history…

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Consulting internships in Hong Kong

Consulting internships in Hong Kong offer young, eager professionals the unique opportunity to enhance their careers while living an international adventure in a new country. The chance to launch your career abroad is a life-changing experience that will put an ambitious and talented young person on an international career path as they gain experience in…

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Fall internships abroad for college students and recent graduates

Fall internships will teach a young person vital professional lessons, working in an office alongside established professionals. Fall internships abroad also allow students to network with industry professionals in their field and other ambitious young professionals from all over the world. There are so many benefits of fall internships for college students and recent graduates.…

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Science internships in Hong Kong

Science internships in Hong Kong offer young, eager professionals the chance to explore their careers while seeking life-changing international experiences abroad. This unique opportunity to launch your career abroad will put you on an international career path, as you gain experience working in a multicultural office on another continent. An international internship is more than…

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