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Mental Health Resources for International Interns

mental health resources

Going abroad is one of the most exciting experiences a young professional can have. You’ll be traveling, exploring, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Interning abroad is exciting, but it can also be challenging at times. When you’re abroad it’s important to take care of yourself, and to be aware of the mental health…

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8 perks of interning abroad with The Intern Group

Gaining real-world professional experience abroad has never been easier. Learn about the many advantages of interning abroad with The Intern Group.   1. 24/7 support Your loved ones may be worried about sending you halfway around the world. That’s what makes the 24/7 emergency support of our program a great way to assure parents, that…

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Ask the intern: What is life like in Dublin?

Hi Sugar, I am a student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I have just been accepted onto the Dublin program for an 8 week placement in IT. I’m looking forward to starting my placement in Dublin but if I’m being honest I feel a bit in the dark as I’ve never been to Ireland.…

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Ask the intern: Why should I do an internship in China?

Hi Sugar, I’m Annabel from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and I’m applying for an international internship for the end of summer or start of fall. I’m looking to work in the field of finance. I originally had my heart set on interning in New York, like many others do, as I’ve always seen…

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Parents’ Perspectives: “I’m so, so glad she went to Colombia.”

Despite Tammy Williams’ initial hesitation about sending her daughter to Colombia, after doing some homework and learning about The Intern Group’s 24/7 support, mom finally gave the thumbs up. Looking back, Tammy is grateful not just for Emily’s rewarding experience, but her own. After Emily’s life-changing internship working with foster children in Medellín, she brought…

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