At The Office

How to prevent employees from being bored at work

bored at work

Workloads vary from day to day, and sometimes your employees might find themselves bored at work if they don’t have enough projects to work on during their down time. This can be especially true for interns. Young adults are skilled in multi-tasking and have variety in their day-to-day. Below are some pointers on how to…

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6 ways your mindset is holding you back

the power of negative thinking

It’s not always easy to get ahead in the office. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a young intern, there’s always more to learn. As you grow, you’ll become more successful and efficient. However, sometimes it isn’t a specific action or lack of knowledge that’s holding you back. Your mindset is extremely important, and can…

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6 Things To Do On Your First Day At Work Or Internship

No matter where you are in your professional career, your first day at work or an internship can be daunting. Whether you’re at a small startup or a multi-nation corporation, it’s important to be on top of your game and make a good first impression. Although every organization and business is slightly different, there are several…

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7 common email mistakes to avoid

common email mistakes

As an intern, it’s important to practice clear and professional communication in the workplace. Regardless of your industry or academic background, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to write emails during your internship. Whether you’re responding to a colleague, updating your supervisor, or reaching out to a client, it’s important to avoid some of the…

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5 reasons why you need a mentor

why you need a mentor

As a young professional, you are looking for all the help and advice you can get. While you’re still a student you have the fantastic resource of your professors and classmates. However, once you leave school it becomes much more difficult to find feedback and support. This is why you need a mentor. In order…

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Common mistakes millennials make at their first job

first job mistakes

Starting your first job can be terrifying (to put it lightly). The pressure to perform can be hard to shake, and can impair your overall mood. Keep in mind that everyone messes up at their first job. But you can avoid making simple mistakes if you come to your first job well prepared.  To avoid…

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5 phone interview tips you need to know

phone interview tips

There’s nothing easy about nailing a phone interview. Phone interviews combine all the pressure of a job interview with the communication challenges of a phone call. Although a lot of preparation should be similar to preparing for a regular, in-person job interview, there are a few extra factors to consider. Nail your next interview with…

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7 proven strategies for getting better at your role

getting better at your job

Once you’ve gotten past the inevitable learning curve at the office, professional growth tends to stagnate. Most employees struggle to continuously grow because they are focused on consistently performing well, which leaves little time for exploration and learning. Here are 7 strategies for getting better at your job while interning abroad.   1. Knowing and…

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7 mistakes millennials make in their professional lives

Millennials have plenty of qualities that make them an asset to the workforce. They’re unconventional, tech-savvy and openminded. That said, this generation also has some qualities that drive employers crazy. Learn from these common mistakes millennials make in their professional lives.   1. Oversharing on social media Whether it’s a drunk picture or a rant…

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