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7 career tips for college students

Career tips for college students

College is the right time to be thinking about what’s ahead, where you want to live and what kind of career you would like to have. Following these career tips for college students will ensure that you’re prepared for a bright future.    1. Listen to your professors Even though university is different from a…

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11 ways to make 2018 your best year yet

make 2018 your best year yet

If 2017 wasn’t your year, don’t stress because you’re not alone. And 2018 is here, offering a fresh start and a new year of opportunities. To ensure a successful future, follow these 11 ways to make 2018 your best year yet.   1. List your gratitudes for 2017 Even if your year was a disaster,…

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7 ways to improve office communication

Knowing how to communicate with your office mates is the key to keeping operations running smoothly. So many office problems spring from dysfunctional internal communication. Although there’s not much you can do about the rest of your office, being a strong communicator will make you a more efficient and valuable employee – plus it will…

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9 things never to include in your cover letter

A cover letter should be a polished professional introduction. It’s worth investing some time and effort into making it really shine. To ensure you’re given an honest chance at a job, make sure that you know what not to put on a cover letter.   1. Too much information Keep your cover letter concise and…

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9 ways to sabotage your job interview

Job interviews demand a lot of preparation and energy. You’re expected to prove you’re worthy of a job – over all of the other extremely qualified candidates. That’s why it’s important to be on your absolute best professional behavior. Make sure your next interview goes smoothly – here’s what not to do in a job…

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9 key habits of the world’s most successful professionals

Successful people are not successful by accident. It comes from hard work, intelligence, stamina and positive work habits. If you’re seeking a fruitful career path, pay attention to these 9 things successful people do.   1. They take responsibility for their successes and failures Successful people understand that their actions have consequences and don’t shy…

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9 things you should never include on your resume

Your resume is the first thing a hiring manager will see during the hiring process. It’s important to make the best first impression. If your resume is not up to par, you can kiss an interview goodbye. To make sure you’re sending in a winning resume just follow these simple rules on what not to…

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