What type of internship can I do with my major?

what can I do with my major

As a student or recent grad, you may be asking yourself “what can I do with my major?” when thinking about your future plans. While there are certain majors that have a direct career path, there are others that could lead you down many different routes. Each area of studies will equip you with a…

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Interns of Madrid: What is life like in Spain?

What is life like in Spain? Five alumni from The Intern Group Madrid tell all in their photo-op series, “Interns of Madrid.” From the food, to the warm culture, to the sunsets in parks, we can all agree that Spain is magical.   Fatima Ouedraogo // Burkina Faso // 22 // York University    …

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Práctica de derecho en Hong Kong

Esta región especial de China funciona con políticas occidentales, de libre mercado y reconocimiento de derechos y libertades. Pero su relación con el Gobierno de Pekín no es tan fácil de entender. Entérate de todo lo que debes saber para una práctica de derecho exitosa en Hong Kong. 1. Una extraña relación A la hora…

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8 reglas de viaje que aprenderás de vivir en Nueva York

Vivir y trabajar en una gran ciudad es una aventura constante, en la que todos los días se aprende algo. Ahora imagínate que esa aventura se desarrolla en Nueva York. La ciudad que nunca duerme tiene mucho para enseñarte. Tanto que compendiamos algunos de los mandamientos que también valen oro cuando te decidas a viajar…

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Ask the intern: I want to go home

“Hi Fiona, my name is Isabelle and I’m currently doing an international internship in Madrid. I had an amazing time for my first few weeks. I was going out with friends all the time and exploring the city. We would grab coffee in quirky cafes, or go and try some new tapas, I loved it.…

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Tips for surviving your first international flight

Unless you’re a pilot, a world leader or a globetrotting superstar like Beyonce, international travel can be quite the stress-inducing task. Moving from one country to another means culture shock and, of course, dealing with airports and airplanes. The flight alone can even cause some people to suffer from anxiety weeks before they’re actually scheduled…

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