Professional Development

5 phone interview tips you need to know

phone interview tips

There’s nothing easy about nailing a phone interview. Phone interviews combine all the pressure of a job interview with the communication challenges of a phone call. Although a lot of preparation should be similar to preparing for a regular, in-person job interview, there are a few extra factors to consider. Nail your next interview with…

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5 Useful Social Media Networking Tips

social media networking tips

Social media might be the best way to keep up with the success of your second cousin’s baseball team, but it’s also a great way to enhance your professional development. When it comes to social media networking, most people think of the benefits of LinkedIn. However, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also be platforms for…

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7 advantages of summer internships abroad

A unique and exciting way to boost your career and earn real-world professional experience is through summer internships abroad. International internships offer ambitious young professionals the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while learning important professional lessons first-hand. Consider the possibilities of a career-changing experience abroad and learn about the advantages of a…

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9 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out

good LinkedIn summary

As a young professional, it’s important to maintain connections and make yourself visible to recruiters, colleagues and employers. LinkedIn allows you to develop your personal brand and share it with the professional world. You can follow influencers to gain professional advice and insights, and with a strong profile and a good LinkedIn summary, you can…

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7 proven strategies for getting better at your role

getting better at your job

Once you’ve gotten past the inevitable learning curve at the office, professional growth tends to stagnate. Most employees struggle to continuously grow because they are focused on consistently performing well, which leaves little time for exploration and learning. Here are 7 strategies for getting better at your job while interning abroad.   1. Knowing and…

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7 mistakes millennials make in their professional lives

Millennials have plenty of qualities that make them an asset to the workforce. They’re unconventional, tech-savvy and openminded. That said, this generation also has some qualities that drive employers crazy. Learn from these common mistakes millennials make in their professional lives.   1. Oversharing on social media Whether it’s a drunk picture or a rant…

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7 reasons why NGO interns should go abroad

Why NGO interns should go abroad

Success in the Non-Profit sector demands a special set of soft skills and a more open view of the world in general. One of the best ways to prepare a professional in the NGO sector is through professional experience abroad. Here are 7 reasons why NGO interns should go abroad.    1. Learning how to work…

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7 ways to grow professionally when you intern abroad

Living and interning internationally challenges you in ways you would never dream of. If you’re looking for a fun and life-changing professional path, consider launching your career abroad. Check out these 7 ways to grow professionally abroad and consider an international internship as your next big career move.   1. You’ll start thinking for yourself…

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7 Jobs for Travel Lovers

jobs that require travel

Once you catch the travel bug, it can be difficult to shake. If you dream of pursuing an international career that takes you around the world, your options are plentiful. Here are 7 jobs that require travel:   1. Journalist Depending on your area of focus, journalism can require a lot of travel. Within this…

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