Professional Development

The do’s and don’ts of finding your first job

finding your first job

Your first job is usually the most difficult to find. With little to no professional experience behind you, convincing a hiring manager that you’re the one they want can seem like an impossible task. It’s also your first time tackling the interview process, another difficult undertaking. To get yourself as amped up and prepared as…

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7 career tips for college students

Career tips for college students

College is the right time to be thinking about what’s ahead, where you want to live and what kind of career you would like to have. Following these career tips for college students will ensure that you’re prepared for a bright future.    1. Listen to your professors Even though university is different from a…

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13 reasons to live abroad before 30

reasons to live abroad

Youth is a precious resource that doesn’t last forever. Though it can be overwhelming to have your whole life ahead of you, it’s important to prioritize experiences that can only be done while you’re young. True, living abroad can happen at any age, but there’s a strong argument for doing it for the first time…

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8 advantages of interning abroad later in life

internships for adults

It’s never too late for an internship abroad. Don’t let the stereotype of the college intern discourage you from making a life and career-changing decision. If you’re interested in making a career move, international internships are a bold and exciting way to do it. Learn the many advantages of internships for adults.   1. It’s…

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7 reasons why you didn’t get the position

reasons why you didn't get the job

The job application process isn’t fun for anyone – especially the rejection part. Even highly experienced and qualified professionals have trouble understanding why they were overlooked. What did I do wrong? Why didn’t they want me? Before you spiral into uncertainty, here are a few reasons why you didn’t get the job. 1. You were under-qualified…

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How to decide if a professional opportunity is right for you

decide if a professional opportunity is right

It’s not always easy to decide if a professional opportunity is right for you. It’s important to consider all the different aspects of an internship, and what value they’ll bring to your career goals. To help your decision making, check out these 9 questions to ask yourself to decide if a professional opportunity is right…

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