Published on January 5, 2015

Design Internships in Melbourne

Artists and other people working in creative industries are in constant search of something to tickle their imagination and ignite their creative streak, which later leads to masterpieces. Whether you are an artist, an architect, or a designer, you know that traveling is undeniably one of the best sources of inspiration, as you experience a range of new emotions upon exploring unknown places and meeting new people. Melbourne, which has been crowned the world’s most livable city for four consecutive years, is also one of the greatest “habitats” for artistic souls and anyone involved in the creative industry-- especially designers and architects. Its edgy and multifaceted culture has attracted many artists from different corners of the world, and we would highly recommend that you join them if you need a new dose of inspiration.

Melbourne is truly a city of contrasts: it is a place where quirky postmodern architecture stands alongside sophisticated Victorian buildings, without one style overshadowing the other. Quite on the contrary, together they create a harmonious picture which gives Melbourne a unique, eclectic personality that is well-loved by artists and designers. It should therefore not come as a surprise that urban and landscape design is one of the leading design specializations in Melbourne. Additionally, the city’s aesthetically pleasing surroundings have definitely contributed to its livability factor. Eclecticism can be found not only in the architecture of the city, but also within its commercial and industrial spheres. Here in Melbourne, art and design are not only well-developed within creative industries, but they also support others, including the automotive and aerospace sectors. Another booming sector is the video games design sector, which is supported by the strength of the IT industry in the country.


Design in Melbourne


Melbourne houses hundreds of design firms, including architectural, exhibition, fashion, furniture, graphic, jewelry, industrial, multimedia, product, and web designers. The Victoria region has around 4,000 design consultancy firms of varying caliber, which together contribute more than AU$4.8 billion to Victoria's economy. Overall, there are more than 185,000 people occupied in various design sectors. Most Australian professional designers go through postsecondary education and formal training as per minimum requirement by employers. Thankfully, this requirement can be satisfied locally by obtaining an internationally recognized degree from one of the leading providers of education in design, textile, and fashion-- RMIT University. There are other high-quality schools in Melbourne, such as Monash and Swinburne Universities, which provide great education in design. After obtaining the degree, some young design professionals seek employment in agencies and studios, while more adventurous ones start their own projects.

Central Melbourne is the home of many design professionals. Unlike most world capitals, its city center is not only the ideal place for businesses to establish their home offices, but also for designers to set up their hearth and homes. There are also plenty of dining and cultural options, including theaters, music halls, and museums, where creative professionals can go after work to unwind, as well as get another dose of inspiration. How convenient is it when everything you need is within walking distance of your home? All the aforementioned perks count toward the livability points of this fine city.

If you are an aspiring designer, you must at least visit Melbourne. The energy of this city and its versatility will push you out of your creative comfort zone and inspire you to experiment within your field. Melbourne offers many venues for designers to foster their ideas and meet like-minded artistic souls. There are art and design events year-round, which you should definitely check out. One of the most significant events that you should not miss is the Melbourne International Design Week. According to the official website, this event “highlights the role of design as a catalyst for innovation, linking creativity with business, technology and society.” As a final thought, here is a short abstract from the Design Institute of Australia website, which sheds light on the reality of the design industry: “Design is much more than the ability to draw. [...] Design embodies the full range of problem solving skills from those that are strictly rational, analytical and objective, to those that are inspirational, artistic and subjective.”

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Photo 1. based on Street art on Degraves St: Be Free, by Katherine Lim, CC BY 2.0

Photo 2. based on Melbourne, by Peter Mackey, CC BY-ND 2.0

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