Design Internships in Hong Kong

If you are intrigued by eastern Asia culture, excited about living in a modern and fact-paced city, and ready to gain experience in the field of design, then Hong Kong may be the perfect city for you. A gateway to Chinese culture and ancient traditions, as well as a thriving and ultra-modern city, Hong Kong is a prime place to live as a foreigner. You will find the comforts of home that you wouldn’t want to live without, while also experiencing the excitement of living in a new place, with wonders around every corner. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s booming economy is home to thousands of world-class design-related establishments, making it the perfect place in which to gain experience, discover new interests, and connect with like-minded individuals as a design intern.

Originally a small fishing harbor, Hong Kong has grown to a population of seven million today. Approximately one quarter of the island is now a thriving metropolis, while the remainder of the island is largely protected nature in the form of publicly accessible parks and conservation areas. With Chinese cultural roots and a long history of British colonialism, Hong Kong truly is the meeting place for the East and the West. In fact, Hong Kong has two official languages today – English and Chinese. Amongst the sea of sky scrapers and high-rise apartment buildings, it’s not hard to find incense-filled temples and British memorabilia; both a reverence for the past and a forward-looking spirit permeate.

Design internships in Hong Kong

As a foreigner working and living in Hong Kong, you’ll be able to create a lifestyle that is both familiar and novel. Hong Kong has impressive infrastructure and public transportation is the easiest and most affordable means for getting around the city. Top-notch healthcare is available and it is an easy place to maintain your wellness through exercise and healthy food options. In fact, the Hong Kong government readily promotes active lifestyles and the island’s beautiful scenery and weather makes it easy to get outside. For the outdoor enthusiasts, you can easily get out on the sea by boat, cycle the city on safe bike-only paths, or escape the urban hustle and stroll pristine beaches, hike volcanoes, or explore ancient ruins around the island.

In addition to the many outdoor activities in and around Hong Kong, the arts, culture, and food scenes of the city are also thriving. Hong Kong has several major art museums and countless art venues, ranging for artist villages to galleries and theaters. As a design intern in Hong Kong, you’ll easily find creative inspiration in these locations and connect with others at evening events, shows, openings, and a myriad of other artsy happenings. Inspiration will undoubtedly come from daily life in this wonderfully restless city, as well. Wander around and you’ll stumble across Buddhist and Taoist temples, get lost at the base of towering sky scrapers, and browse street vendors selling uniquely intriguing fare and goods.

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As an intern in Hong Kong, you’ll be well placed to take advantage of all things that are uniquely Hong Kong. Animation, dim sum and Chinese barbecue, spectacular city views, tai chi, and floating restaurants. These are just a few of the things that you shouldn’t leave Hong Kong without experiencing. Of course, the best part about living somewhere new is connecting with local individuals. People from Hong Kong cannot be placed in any stereotypical box, but they are known for being active, friendly, and adventurous individuals.

The design world of Hong Kong is thriving, and you’ll find yourself in exciting surroundings as a design intern. No matter what type of design interests you most, you’re sure to find someone working in that sphere and willing to show you the ropes. The creative industries comprise $90 billion, or 4.7%, of the national Gross Domestic Product of Hong Kong. The design sector is significant and therefore benefits from the support of private industry and the public sector alike.

Design companies currently working in Hong Kong span across a broad array of focus areas. From animation and architectural design, to fashion, graphic, web, and photography, these are only a few of the many different types of design companies operating in Hong Kong. As an intern, you will benefit from the industry’s diversity by being able to learn about your key interests as well as learn new trades. You’ll also benefit from ample opportunities to connect with leaders in the design world.

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Hong Kong is an ideal place to do business for several reasons, and like many industries, the design world also flourishes here. Economists forecast that China will be the world’s largest economy by 2025. The country’s internal purchasing power is steadily increasing and consumerism is on the rise. Hong Kong has a strategic global location and is a true meeting place for East and West in culture and business. Thus, global design firms, as well as local companies, are plenty here.

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By taking an internship abroad, you not only give yourself the opportunity to learn and network in your field, but you are also proving that you’ve got what it takes to work and thrive in a new environment. Design internships in Hong Kong allow you to gain top-notch work experience and be exposed to a plethora of new ideas and possible future employers. Whether you’re looking to work in Asia long-term or not, an international internship proves that you’re adaptable and adventurous – two traits that are seriously advantageous in the world of design.

Hong Kong, home to ancient culture, beautiful surroundings, and a bustling modern city, offers something for everyone. Finding both personal and professional inspiration is simple here; just walk out your front door and you’re likely to see something new, interesting, and fascinating. As an expatriate, you’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. But still, you’ll find a whole new culture to learn about and explore. All this while working in the fast-paced, innovative, and expansive design field. A design internship in Hong Kong will open a whole new world of personal and professional options; it’s an experience you’ll always remember and never regret.

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  1. Ayanna Terry on November 7, 2017 at 1:43 am

    Hello, I am currently studying Visual Communications in college and was looking into the intership program offered here. Although I am very interested in interning in Hong Kong for animation or graphic design and was wondering if further information could be offered concerning this.

    • Kaylea on November 9, 2017 at 3:33 am

      Hi Ayanna,
      Thanks for your message and your interest in our program in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a great location for design internships in both of your fields of interest. I’ll send you some more information in an email today!

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