Entrepreneurship Internships in Hong Kong

Entrepreneurship internships in Hong Kong offer hands-on experience in one of the world’s most important cities for international business. Colorful temples interspersed among a jungle of glimmering skyscrapers reflect Hong Kong’s cherished belief systems: Buddhism and capitalism. Known as the gateway to China, the kinetic Asian metropolis offers a wealth of opportunity for an eager entrepreneurship intern looking to break into the world of start-ups.

Entrepreneurship internships in Hong Kong

Lingering elements of Chinese colonial tradition alongside modern metropolitan blocks make Hong Kong a unique, multicultural backdrop for an entrepreneurial internship. Especially for those who have never visited Asia, Hong Kong is a treasure trove of culture and tradition while also offering incomparable networking and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Interns working in the Hong Kong entrepreneurship program have unique access to once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunities, considering The Intern Group’s strong connection to the industry as an award-winning start-up. Previous interns in the Hong Kong entrepreneurship program have even attended TEDxHK and received job offers due to the networking opportunities.

Despite the swaths of corporate giants scattered about the city, Hong Kong’s start-up industry has seen new companies springing up in mobile gaming, healthcare, education and clean energy. And there’s more to come. The Intern Group partner, Entrepreneurship HK, is a program that brings together the Hong Kong government with start-up leaders to develop and improve the market. Meanwhile, the MaD Ventures Fellows program is the city’s first international pitching platform that connects start-ups and investors. Earlier in the month, Chinese e-commerce giant The Alibaba Group also announced a new start-up fund to begin in the second half of 2015.

Though the city never sleeps, it does meditate. Interns in Hong Kong will find the peace and stillness of the Po Lin Monastery a stark contrast to the city’s frenetic bustle. A tribute to the Gods of Literature and War, the Man Mo Temple is another place to meditate and is located in downtown Hong Kong, near the financial district.

Entrepreneurship internships in Hong Kong

Entrepreneurship interns in Hong Kong have a long list of potential day trips and getaways to enjoy, whether for adventure, relaxation or a rich cultural experience. The public beaches near the Shek O village on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island are a common holiday and weekend destination. Along with the sandy beaches, the terrain includes rocky cliffs, beloved by climbers.

Interns in Hong Kong can also enjoy treks and excursions, as 40% of Hong Kong territory makes up national parks. Tai Mo Shan Country Park is the best place cool off, known for registering the coldest temperatures in the territory. The 35-meter Long Falls is also located in the park, the highest waterfall in Hong Kong. Animal lovers are also free to monkey around at Kam Shan Country Park, where visitors can interact with macaques and other primates.

Along with its reputation as one of the world’s financial capitals, Hong Kong is also known for the wide variety of places to shop. On Hong Kong island the Admiralty, Central and SoHo are the high-end shopping areas where you might even bump into a celebrity. The Causeway Bay is a section of Hong Kong that includes enough stores and shopping complexes to occupy a shopaholic for days. Meanwhile, Sheung Wan is the hip, diverse alternative to Causeway and Admiralty, full of antique shops and a dried seafood market along with an Edwardian-style mall.

To balance out Hongkongers unmatchable work ethic, the city boasts an exciting, diverse nightlife. In Wan Chai, streets are filled with the city’s oldest pubs. The area has been known for its risqué nightclubs since 1940, though it has tamed down considerably and is now home to many British-style pubs and bars. Meanwhile, more extravagant partiers can check out hot nightclubs like Dragon-I and M1NT, more ostentatious and exclusive alternatives. Dusk till Dawn is a wild, unpretentious night club that fills with locals, expats and visitors while Volar is known for having stellar DJs and is set up in an underground basement.

Entrepreneurship internships in Hong Kong

From noodles and congee to saqima, entrepreneurship interns in Hong Kong have the opportunity to try a plethora of delicious local foods during their stay. Popular snacks include pineapple buns, egg tarts and preserved prunes. Hotpot dishes are common meals in Hong Kong, where the soup-based food is cooked on a stove built into the restaurant table. Stir-fry is also a common plate in Hong Kong, both at restaurants and in homes. Sweet and sour pork and stir-fried beef with vegetable are among two of the recommend dishes.

With some 955 million speakers in the world, Mandarin is the most popular language on the globe. Speaking the language will surely open up professional doors in the future, considering the enormous Chinese economy. While living in Hong Kong, Mandarin or Cantonese classes are available. On the street in Hong Kong, interns will be able to put their lessons to good use with real world experience, the best way to learn a second, third or fourth language.

The professional and cultural opportunities Hong Kong offers are too rich to be ignored. An entrepreneurship internship in Hong Kong presents interns with hands-on experience and the opportunity to live and network in one of the world’s most important cities for international business.

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Photo 1 based on The City That Never Sleeps by Ateens Chen, CC-BY-2.0

Photo 2 based on Fireworks by Jonathan Leung, CC-BY-2.0

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