Entrepreneurship Internships in Madrid

Take advantage of Madrid’s exciting start-up community with an international internship in entrepreneurship. The diverse Spanish city is overflowing with professional and cultural opportunities for interns looking for real-world experience. Explore the city’s historic treasures while contributing to its dynamic start-up industry with an entrepreneurship internship in Madrid.


Entrepreneurship Internships in Madrid


Madrid has evolved into a European start-up hub, with many different types of businesses developing in the area. Previous interns have worked in diverse roles at local start-ups, helping build a new brand’s image, contributing to business development strategy and assisting with pitches to apply for funding. The best way to learn is by doing. Working alongside established business leaders is the key to launching a career in entrepreneurship. Interns in the past have learned on their feet at companies like Sezion, Emesound, Zuzeen and Hay Canal Web.


No hablas espanol? Don’t worry. There are plenty of entrepreneurship internships in Madrid for non-Spanish speakers. There are also several Spanish-speaking roles for those who want to improve their Spanish. Spanish classes are also available at every level at the acclaimed Don Quijote school. Though the city is filled with people from all over the world, many locals speak poco or “little” English so interns will have no trouble putting their Spanish lessons into practice in Madrid.


Expect a slightly different schedule during an entrepreneurship internship in Madrid. The workday rarely starts before 9 a.m. and often coworkers take several hours for a long lunch or siesta. The workday wraps up around 7 or 8 at night.


In addition to the rich professional opportunities, an entrepreneurship internship in Madrid also offers an array of exciting cultural experiences. The city is full of art, architecture, parks, statues, cafes, theatres, bars and restaurants to explore.


Entrepreneurship Internships in Madrid


Entrepreneurship interns in Madrid won’t go hungry with all the delicious Spanish food they have at their fingertips. Many Spaniards enjoy the custom of tapeo, going to different bars to eat small plates called tapas, which are often seafood. Some popular tapas foods are prawns, mussels, fresh anchovies, croquettes and mini casseroles.


Other popular Spanish dishes include tortillas or omelets, spicy sausage called chorizo and lechona, which is roast suckling pig. Codido is also a popular local dish, a stew made of meat, potato and chickpeas. The rice dish called paella is also a notable Spanish food, which usually is seasoned with saffron and includes chicken, sausage, peppers, shellfish and other spices.


On the weekends or after a hard day working at an entrepreneurship internship, there are a many parks to spend some leisure time. The city has recently increased its amount of trees, walkways and parks. Former interns have enjoyed spending the day at Madrid’s famous Retiro Park, which houses monuments, sculptures and a beautiful, peaceful lake.


A stroll through Madrid’s historic center never disappoints. Plaza Mayor is a good place for sightseeing, a coffee, or wandering in and out of the area’s traditional shops. The famous plaza also bears a notable bronze statue of King Philip III. Nearby, sightseers can also visit the Royal Palace or stunning Almudena cathedral.


Madrid’s diverse nightlife is full of options, like many cities of its size. Visitors often see the native Flamenco shows at restaurants called tablaos, which offer traditional Spanish meals with a typical Flamenco dance performances. For those interested in dancing themselves, Madrid also has a variety of clubs and dance halls which play an eclectic array of music. Just make sure to take a nap beforehand. Clubs often open after midnight and keep their doors open until dawn and sometimes later.


Entrepreneurship Internships in Madrid


Thanks to its reliable public transportation system and strategic location, entrepreneurship interns can easily travel outside the city on the weekends to get to know other Spanish cities. A day trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site Toledo is included in The Intern Group entrepreneurship internship program, where interns can visit the iconic stone fortification Alcazar of Toledo. The World Heritage City Segovia is also located just a train ride away from Madrid.


While gaining real-world professional experience, another perk of an internship based in Madrid is the opportunity to see some of the world’s finest art. The internationally famous mural Guernica by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso draws in visitors from around the world to the local Reina Sofia museum. Meanwhile, thousands of international visitors flock to the local Prado museum, which boasts works by Goya and Rubens.


In Madrid’s exciting start-up sector, an intern in entrepreneurship will learn valuable lessons about the industry and about working in a multicultural environment. The professional relationships made while interning abroad will open up future doors for a young person looking to launch their career.


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