Fashion internships in Shanghai

Fashion internships in Shanghai offer a young professional the inspiration and real-world work opportunities to make their career blossom as they explore a rising Chinese city. This unconventional destination is full of surprises, booming industry and a rich multicultural community. Shanghai, with its glittering skyscrapers, is a growing global city and can offer an intern a career-changing experience in fashion. The neon beauty of Shanghai will inspire fashion interns as they establish their own international professional network and live out their dreams.


Shanghai is a growing metropolis. With over 20 million residents, it’s China’s most populous city (not to mention the most densely populated city in the world). This global financial hub also offers opportunities in a number of creative industries, including fashion. Fashion interns in Shanghai will gain experience, working with leading professionals in a competitive market abroad. The Intern Group pays attention to the needs and passions of each intern, finding them their ideal role in Shanghai, so their experience can lead to a fruitful career in fashion.


Living in Shanghai

Fashion interns in Shanghai will enjoy pleasant accommodation coordinated through The Intern Group, located in safe, local neighborhoods. Interns live in private bedrooms in shared apartments with other students, young professionals and interns. Getting around in Shanghai is a breeze thanks to the city’s comprehensive public transportation system. It’s the most extensive in the world, and it’s affordable! The metro and other international areas have most signs translated into English, making it easier for interns to get around the city. Phew!


Fashion internships in Shanghai


Exploring China

A fashion internship in Shanghai is the perfect opportunity for a young creative person to sink their teeth into Chinese culture and expression. For one, it’s a great chance to learn more about Chinese languages, especially Mandarin, the local language of professionals. Because of the city’s efforts to become more international, more and more schools are requiring Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world. In Shanghai, you’ll also hear the regional language, Shanghainese, which is more common in informal settings.


Shanghai presents interns with a taste of China’s past and future. The modern wonders of the glittering Lujiazui skyline serve as a testament to China’s economic power and innovation. Meanwhile, the exotic charms of the Qibao Old Town will transport to a more tranquil century in Chinese history. Walking the streets, letting curiosity take over, interns will stoke their wanderlust and discover Shanghai’s many different flavors, colors and influences, experiencing a vibrant and diverse portrait of this important city.


An international city

Shanghai is home to a burgeoning community of international professionals, making it an ideal location for fashion interns to make friends and professional contacts with people from all over the world. Large expat communities from France, Korea, the United States and other countries bring aspects of their own culture into Shanghai, creating dynamic, intercultural communities within this monster of a city. In Shanghai, interns can discover international expat spaces, hamburger joints and other delights whenever homesickness strikes. As Shanghai becomes more international, it’s also easier to share with younger generations of locals, as more and more Chinese youth learn English.


Fashion internships in Shanghai


Flavors of Shanghai

Shanghai’s culinary traditions and inexpensive meal options afford interns the chance to try many different tasty foods and eat out without worrying too much about staying on budget. The city is full of tasty and very cheap eateries that serve up a number of tasty Chinese dishes. For as little as US$2, interns can find a delicious, authentic meal. Even when splurging on a fancy restaurant, the bill will only come out to around US$10, which is great for keeping living expenses low. Two must-try dishes in Shanghai include xiao long bao, a dumpling soup, and yangchun noodles. Sichuan cuisine is also a delicious local staple.


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