Finance internships in Dublin

Get ahead in the competitive world of finance with an internship in Dublin. Interning alongside established finance and business professionals in the Irish capital offers young professionals a unique opportunity to boost their career while exploring a new culture. Finance internships in Dublin are the perfect blend of challenge and adventure.


Not only will finance interns in Dublin make headway in their career, but they’ll also get to be part of a rich, international professional network. The Intern Group attracts young professionals from all over the world and hosts events that bring different interns together across industries. Interns will be able to learn about Ireland’s rich culture and history together.


finance internships in Dublin


Living abroad in Dublin

Finance interns abroad in Dublin will fall in love with the beautiful city, which encourages locals to go outdoors. For one, there’s always a beautiful park nearby where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon. In fact, Dublin boasts more green areas, per square kilometer, than any other European capital. Dublin’s cycling infrastructure is also notable, for interns who like to get around on bike. The city also has a safe and reliable public transportation system which interns will find easy to navigate. In terms of living arrangements, finance interns will live in accommodation with other interns, young professionals and students, with easy access to public transport for commuting to their internship. In Dublin, English is the language used in professional settings, and spoken by the vast majority of citizens, so interns shouldn’t have a problem communicating with locals.


Embracing Irish culture and traditions

Ireland has produced its fair share of literary giants, particularly considering the country’s small population size. Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde are among the numerous legendary Irish authors. Finance interns can get a sense of these great writers and their accomplishments by spending some time at The Dublin Writer’s Museum.


“I am Irish by race but the English have condemned me to talk the language of Shakespeare.” -Oscar Wilde


Irish culture is celebrated and recognized around the world. Interns will get an up-close look at these traditions, legends and folklore. The leprechaun, for example, is a celebrated Irish character, originating from Gaelic traditions. However interns in Dublin will learn that there’s a lot more to Irish culture after a visit to the National Folklore Collection.


Live entertainment is among Dublin’s many cultural attractions. To see quality live theater, stages like the Abbey Theatre and the modern Grand Canal Theatre are guaranteed to put on a worthwhile show. Dublin also has its share of live music, ranging from high energy rock concerts, to intimate, traditional Irish performances with pipes and fiddles.


finance internships in Dublin


Traveling Ireland

There are few things more beautiful in this world than Ireland’s captivating countryside and parks. Finance interns in Dublin will be closer than ever to some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Among the country’s many natural wonders are the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, and Killarney National Park. Traveling Ireland is an opportunity finance interns cannot dare to miss.


Dublin’s rich history

Finance interns will learn to appreciate Dublin’s rich history and the buildings standing today that help tell the story of Ireland’s complicated past. The city and region have been inhabited since 140 AD, conquered and settled by various groups. Both the Vikings and the Scandinavians, for example, inhabited the area, which was followed by the Norman invasion of Ireland. Dublin’s development, however, was influenced mostly by the Georgian period during English rule. It was once the second largest city of the British Empire. Much of Dublin’s history can be identified in its historical structures like the Dublin Castle (1204), the Christ Church Cathedral (1030) and St Patrick’s Cathedral (1191).


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1. based on Dublin ready for New Years Eve, by Daniel Dudek-Corrigan, CC-by-2.0

2. based on The Temple Bar, by Tobias Abel, CC-by-ND 2.0

3. based on Samuel Beckett Bridge, by Miguel Mendez, CC-by-2.0


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