Finance Internships in Madrid

Madrid: Southern Europe’s Financial Capital

Both Spain’s capital city and the financial capital of southern Europe, Madrid is a cosmopolitan place, prime for both living and working within. With a large population of foreign residents and a booming tourism industry, Madrid is a great place to experience life as an expatriate. By doing an internship in Madrid, you’ll have easy access to a thriving arts scene, enjoy delectable foods and wines, and lap up the passionate and relaxed culture Spain is famous for. All the while, you will gain remarkable, resume-boosting experience in a fast-paced job as a financial sector intern.

Spain, once ruled by Muslims, prevailed through a centuries-long religious war known as the Reconquista. In 854, the Muslim Al-Andalus Muhaad I, in his fight against the Christian Reconquistas, built a fort in what stands as present-day Madrid. The settlement was named Mayrit, meaning water channel. In the medieval time period, Madrid was a poor and small city, but by 1561 things had turned around and it was crowned the official capital of Spain. Present-day Spain transitioned into democracy in 1975, and today Madrid is know as a vibrant city, bursting with both history and innovations. You will find historical sights throughout Madrid, with the grandest of them all being the Palacio Real, or the Royal Palace. Walking tours are offered by several companies in Madrid, and strolling through the city’s rambling streets is the perfect way to become acquainted with the passionate, riveting history of Spain.

Today, living in Madrid can be an exciting, entertaining, and eye-opening experience as a foreigner. A safe city that is easily traversed via public transportation, Madrid’s many neighborhoods are ripe for exploring. Home to Spain’s royal family and the seat of the government, Madrid is the country’s political ground-zero. In terms of entertainment, the options are endless with envelope-pushing fashion, music, and art scenes. Of course, Spain is also home to world renown wines and edible delicacies. Madrid is a haven for foodies, home to fine dining, mouth-water street food, and everything in-between.

Although you’ll never exhaust the options for entertainment and exploration within the borders of Madrid, the city also serves as a key jumping-off point for visiting the charming towns, thriving cities, and beautiful nature of wider Spain. Located in the middle of the Spanish peninsula, Madrid is the best place to catch a cheap flight or train to every corner of the country. From the mountains to the beaches and islands, Spain is a top travel destination for many reasons. Working as a financial intern in Madrid, you’ll have evenings and weekends to explore all that this beautiful, culture-rich, diverse, and delightfully laid-back nation has to offer.

Finance internships in Madrid

Madrid’s financial industry, as the largest in southern Europe, is comprised by a diverse array of industry subsets. Small private equity firms and large, multi-national companies alike are important players in the city’s financial world. An internship in this field will vary depending on each candidates background and interests, but interns will have the opportunity to work in and learn more about billing, banking, budgeting, investing, and financial procedures. Working in Madrid, you’ll quickly adapt to Spain’s relaxed approach to life. The business day rarely starts before 9AM, and thanks to long lunches and siestas, can often extend until 8PM in the evening. This chill atmosphere allows the Spanish to work their best, so adapting to this new style will certainly serve you well.

Interning in Madrid has huge potential for opening the doors wide on future job opportunities. As a regional hub city, Madrid is the prime location for meeting key players in southern Europe’s finance world. Networking opportunities are abundant here, and as an ambitious, bright, and dedicated intern, you’ll be well placed for finding future employers in the industry. Of course, working hard and putting your best foot forward everyday are necessary first steps for landing your next opportunity, post-internship.

As someone interested in finance internships in Madrid, you already know about the economy’s state and the financial downturn that has been felt especially hard in Spain. In spite of these realities, Madrid remains an attractive place to live and work, especially as a foreigner. Through a position in Madrid, you’ll learn about prevailing in both the good times and the bad. Now, as the future looks brighter for Europe’s economy, it is a great time to learn as an insider in the finance industry.

Finance internships in Madrid

Of course, moving your entire life to a new country is no small feat. Living abroad can certainly sound intimidating at first. Logistically, it will take some seriously planning and thought. However, the joys and rewards of living and working abroad far outweigh the headaches you may face in getting there. As as expatriate, everyday will feel like an adventure. You’re likely to make friends from all over the world, and learn from other people’s background and experiences. You may discover new interests and passions, such as flamenco dancing or football. Additionally, by having an international internship on your resume, future prospective employers will understand that you are a mature, adaptable, and reliable individual. You’ll be gaining a worldly education and gaining a new professional skill-set, both of which will go a long way in your future life and career.

Madrileños (Madrid residents) are known for their laid-back style, friendly nature, and work hard but party harder ways. It won’t be hard to make local friends, but certainly the more effort you can put into drawing these connections, the better! The best way to learn about a new culture is with a trusted local accompagnateur, and luckily it is not hard to make Spanish friends quickly while living in Madrid.

Finance internships in Madrid

Interning in Madrid offers the best of many worlds. Significant work experience, coupled with the intoxicating culture of Spain and it’s capital city will make for an unforgettable experience. By working within such a large, diverse sector and experiencing the ups and downs of the current financial world, you’ll be presented with endless learning opportunities and be able to best prepare for your long-term career in the finance sector.

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  1. Jacinto moya on August 11, 2016 at 12:51 am

    Can you please be more specific about your partners companies for internship? The above information is basically a description of the city history and lifestyle. My major concern is to know which financial groups or banks are your partners, so I can; ahead of time; create my own research about the facts i. The european international markets that I will focus during the internship.

    • Kirstie Weston on August 11, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      Hi Jacinto,

      Thanks for your comment. We do not have a static list of companies where we place interns as our partnerships are constantly growing. We place interns in a large variety of companies and organizations, ranging from MNCs to SMEs and leading startups. In Madrid, we have previously placed finance interns in companies such as Grant Thornton, ONEtoONE Corporate Finance and Meta Consulting. We have also placed past interns in Grupo Eneas, HIG Capital, GB Links, Accuracy and many other firms. These are intern testimonials specifically about Finance in Madrid to give you a better idea of what to expect:


  2. Ying Yi on May 13, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Hi, I am currently a chemistry student from the National University of Singapore and I am researching on possible overseas internships that I can take next summer. Is it possible for me to take up a finance/business internship programme even though it is completely unrelated to my field of study?

    • Kaylea on May 15, 2017 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Ying,
      Thanks for your message and your interest in our Madrid program. It’s not a program requirement to have university studies that match up to a career field in Madrid for business, however for finance internships university experience is required. I’ll send you some more information today about our program. We also have a partnership with your university, I’ll send you information on that too!

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