Graduate internships in Hong Kong
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Graduate internships in Hong Kong

Launching your career abroad is easier than it sounds. Instead of spending hours slogging away at job applications, recent college grads can earn real-world work experience in a foreign country with an internship abroad. Not only does an international internship allow a young person to gain professional work experience in their field, but it also gives them the chance to take a year to grow and live in a new country and culture. An internship abroad will teach a young professional about their future career and shape them with international experience that will give them a lifelong multicultural perspective.


Graduate internships in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is considered the gateway to China and other Asian markets. Companies around the world are keeping their eye on opportunities in Asia, particularly in China due to its recent economic boom. Having worked in Kong Kong will give an up-and-coming professional valuable insight into Asian markets that will likely be of interest to a potential employer. Having an insider’s understanding of regional markets in Asia Pacific will also make a young professional an asset to a company that is looking for business growth opportunities in the region and could lead to a promotion or salary increase.


Some of The Intern Group’s best internship opportunities are located in Hong Kong. Up-and-coming human resources professionals have benefited from amazing international roles at Hong Kong’s top firms. Meanwhile, journalism and media interns have had the opportunity to learn about Chinese media through hands-on, professional roles at local outlets. To see all the industries The Intern Group Hong Kong program offers click here.


During her international relations internship in Hong Kong, Shivali had the opportunity to work with TedEx Hong Kong and was even offered a job. “More people really need to live my HK life for a good number of months – it opens eyes, unblocks ears, adds an element of surprise at every angle,” Shivali said.

Employers working with The Intern Group pay attention to their interns’ quality of work and are passionate about the professional development of their interns. “These guys have been absolutely brilliant, we’ve given them all sorts of different tasks. It’s really a two way process because we’ve taken as much energy as we possibly can out of these young people and in exchange we’ve given them knowledge and different ways of thinking,” said Anson Investment Management Director Pedro Robert in regards to finance interns Mafalda and Luke.



Living in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an exciting place to live as a young person. The city is full of people from many cultural backgrounds and stays moving 24/7. With over 1,000 skyscrapers painted across the city’s skyline, Hong Kong is known for its urban beauty. Interns in Hong Kong can appreciate this beauty while living in some of the city’s safest areas in shared apartment accommodations on either Hong Kong Island or Kowloon.


Graduate internships in Hong Kong



Pick up a foreign language


Why not learn a foreign language during your first year out of school? Learning either Mandarin or Cantonese will give young professional a huge advantage while looking for a job, considering China’s increasing global importance. Interns who wish to learn either of the local languages are able to take classes through The Intern Group and practice at work and on the streets.



Urban jungle


Sanctuaries to the financial world, Hong Kong’s skyscrapers define the city’s skyline. One of the city’s most celebrated steel giants is The Center, Hong Kong’s fifth-highest skyscraper. The building is among 40 structures that take part in a nightly light show called “Symphony of lights” beside the Victoria Harbour. The Guinness World Records has dubbed the spectacular lights and music presentation “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”.


Graduate internships in Hong Kong



Explore China


Interns in Hong Kong will be based in close proximity to dozens of day trip and tourist destinations around China. Close by, interns can explore the numerous national parks that make up some 40% of Hong Kong territory. Registering the territory’s coldest weater, Tai Mo Shan Country Park is a popular spot to cool down during summer months. The park also is home to Hong Kong’s highest waterfall “Long Falls”. Meanwhile, at the nearby Kam Shan Country Park interns can check out macaques and other primates.


The Intern Group program includes a tour of Hong Kong’s largest island, Lantau. The mountainous island is based at the mouth of the Pearl River and is home to another one of Hong Kong territory’s famous parks, Lantau South Country Park. Lantau Island also is home to the famous Tian Tan Buddha, an 85-foot bronze Buddha statue.


Another trip included in the Intern Group program is a visit to Macau, or “the vegas of Asia”. The city is famous for its extravagant casinos as well as its blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture. Formerly a Portuguese colony, Macau is now in Chinese control and maintains both Portuguese and Chinese traditions. Interns can’t leave without trying out the city’s spicy and delicious Macanese food.



Hong Kong’s glittering nightlife


Interns in Hong Kong will never get bored with the city’s endless music venues, restaurants, bars, clubs and theatres. Some of the city’s most unique entertainment spots include the singalong parlor Canton Singing House and the highest bar in Asia, Ozone. Live music venues like Fringe Club, Peel Fresco and Hidden Agenda are great spots to enjoy music and an exciting ambiance.




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Photo 1. based on Hong Kong Macau Ferry, Sheung Wan, by james j8246, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution #umbrellarevolution #UmbrellaMovement, by Pasu Au Yeung, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Hong Kong, by Arian Zwegers, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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