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How interns can increase brand awareness for your company

The help that interns provide is felt far beyond the confines of the office walls. In fact, depending on how many followers they have on social media, interns can help people recognize your company’s brand globally.  Millennials and Generation Z’s relationship with technology has made it simple to spread a message over a large audience. From a presence at university events to Instagram mentions, your interns will increase brand awareness for your company. 

Power of word of mouth 

It’s no secret that peer-to-peer brand endorsements reign higher than conventional marketing. If your company takes up a booth at a college job fair, but no student can vouch for you, you’re not going to get a whole lot of visitors. Chances are you will increase brand awareness if other students have a familiarity with your company.

increase brand awareness


Want to get students even more inclined to notice your job booth? Have interns join you! The best way for you to reach a younger audience is to use a younger audience. These students can also act as your out of the office brand endorser within the classroom, student organizations, and other various campus events.

Gather student insights

Get to know your interns and ask them about current trends and interests that students are looking for in their job placement. Cater your internships to deliver the type of skills that students are looking to develop. This will help you keep a steady flow of interns coming your way.

increase brand awareness

Social media

Having a healthy online presence is vital, especially when attracting today’s youth. College-aged students are constantly on their phones. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then they’re not going to waste their time trying to find you. Also, if you’re not active on social media, you are not reaching full potential for brand engagement.

Both inside and outside of the office, interns provide a tremendous amount of benefits to any given company. Staying relevant in an increasingly competitive field is one of the most important tactics for success, and interns are vital for keeping your brand stay afloat.

Now that you know more about how interns can increase brand awareness for your company, apply to hire interns through The Intern Group.


Photos and blog by Meaghan Browne

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