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7 ways to ensure you’re a memorable intern (for the right reasons)

Interns have a short time period to really contribute to the company and make their mark. If you do well, you’ll get a great recommendation from your boss or maybe even a job offer. To ensure that your time is well spent, check out these 7 tips on how to be a good intern:


1. Maintain a positive attitude

A sunny demeanor, when it’s authentic, can really brighten up an office. Approaching things with a can-do attitude is exactly what employers look for. Even if you’re unsure about your abilities, positive and optimistic thinking will take you a lot further than you think.


2. Be a problem solver

One complaint employers often have about interns is that they are overly needy. It’s OK to ask questions, but try to solve problems independently before you consult a colleague. Being an independent and accountable intern will make your boss grateful to have you on the team.


3. Respect your coworkers’ time and space

Listen and take good notes when you’re given instructions. That way you won’t keep asking questions throughout the workday about things that have already been covered. It’s expected that you’ll have lots of questions, but make sure that you aren’t asking the same thing twice and that you are respectful of how and when you ask the question.


how to be a good intern


4. Be a team player

Demonstrating that you can work well with others is just another way to impress your colleagues. You would be surprised by how many advanced professionals still struggle with teamwork. If you can master the soft skill now, and prove that you’re the kind of person who strengthens the team, you’ll get a glowing recommendation from your supervisor.


5. Be social

As an intern, you will be remembered for who you are just as much as how you contributed to the office. Make sure to invest in getting to know your colleagues. Accept invitations for lunch or after office gatherings. Ask your colleagues about their lives and establish friendships with them. If you get along well and trust each other, work will go by faster and you’ll leave a lasting personal impression to go along with the professional mark you’ve made.


6. Work hard

If you’re pulling your weight around the office, everyone else should theoretically have less to do. Feeling less pressure will definitely make your colleagues appreciate your contributions to the team (and miss you when you’re gone!).


how to be a good intern


7. Do the extra credit

Find a way that you can go above and beyond at the office. It may be something as simple as bringing homemade cookies to the office to boost morale or to write personalized thank you notes to everyone before you leave. These very human and simple touches will have a positive impact how you are remembered.


Now that you know how to be a good intern, apply now and boost your career!


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Photo 3. based on 01311650, by IAEA Imagebank, CC-by-SA 2.0

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