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7 ways to improve your employability

1. Know your strengths

Anyone who wants to have a successful career has to know what they are good at, hone these skills and then sell them whenever they’re in an interview, making a sale or wooing a potential client. A professional who can identify their strengths really understands how they contribute to the office and what they have to offer. In addition to being more employable, having confidence in your strengths and value can give you an edge in a salary negotiation.


2. Intern abroad

International professional experience is becoming increasingly valuable as the world becomes more globalized and companies look to expand abroad. Internships are the standard for young professionals these days. Going abroad is something unique enough to give you an edge in the job market. More than just the internship, the experience abroad is also highly rewarding and fosters greater independence, cultural understanding and adaptability.


3. Pursue your passions

Enthusiastic employees are successful employees. If you love your work and career, you will be inspired to work hard all on your own. When you have an intrinsic desire to perform well at your job and in your career, you’re going to be more attractive to employers. People will want to work with you.


how to become more employable


4. Have a good resume

Having a sharp resume is the key to opening up as many doors as possible as you seek employment. Misspellings, grammar errors, silly fonts and not including relevant experience can all blow your chance at getting a position. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to land the job of your dreams because you didn’t proofread your resume.


5. Develop special skills

Having unique skills can end up setting you apart in the hiring process in a very positive way. You bring something to the table that your colleagues might not. Follow your interests and think about getting certifications based on interests that may complement your degree or work experience in order to diversify your skill set and make yourself a more unique professional.


how to become more employable


6. Learn what your career values most and develop those skills

Be smart about how you develop professionally and personally. Understand what your career field demands and think about the different ways you can prepare for those types of opportunities. This could range from joining a sports team to improve your teamwork skills or going to night school to learn how to be a more effective public speaker.


7. Learn another language

Knowing a second language is a highly attractive skill to employers, particularly if the language is spoken in a potential market or region where business is already being done. Someone who speaks a foreign language may end up taking on a more senior position just because of their language skills. In general, foreign language skills also open up opportunities in the job market.


Now that you know how to become more employable, what’s stopping you?Apply now to boost your career through an international internship.




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