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6 ways you’re making your job search even harder

Finding a job is enough of a challenge. Don’t make it even harder for yourself. If you’re doing any of the following 6 things, then you’re being your own worst enemy in the job hunt.


1. Handing in your resume with typos or misspellings

If you’re going to turn in a resume with simple mistakes to a hiring manager, you might as well put it directly in the trash. Go over your resume and cover letter multiple times to check for errors, typos and misspellings. It’s also a good idea to have a family member or trustworthy friend take a look at your resume. Your university might also have a career center which can help you improve your resume overall.


2. Not providing the right contact information

Don’t forget to update your phone number, email address and any other personal information. If your employer can’t contact you, you’ll never get the chance to hear about a follow-up interview. Big mistake.


how to find a job


3. Applying for a job without researching properly

Merely reading a job description doesn’t mean you know whether a position is right for you. Do as much research as you can about a job before you apply. Learn about the company goals and mission and find as much information as you can online. If you know someone who might work for the company, reach out. Once you get a good sense of the position and the company, you’ll be able to write a more effective and persuasive cover letter and include the most relevant work experience on your resume.


4. Losing track of your job applications

If you’re applying for a lot of jobs at the same time, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. Create either a spreadsheet or word document to keep track of the different job applications you have sent in, when you sent them in, any HR contact information, and where you sent them. Keeping your job search information organized will help your correspondence with each HR firm and keep you on track whenever you’re sending up follow-up emails, etc.



how to find a job


5. Not considering the employer’s side of things

Don’t be too self-centered during your job search. Remember that for every position you’re seeking out, there’s also an employer looking for a new member of their team. Think about the specific needs of the firm as you decide to sell yourself. Your cover letter, resume and interview should be less about how amazing you are and more about what you’re going to do for the company.


6. Being too picky or not picky enough

Going for a job that isn’t going to help you reach your career goals whatsoever is a waste of your time, even if it is a J-O-B. However, holding your breath for that perfect position, especially when you’re just starting out, might be causing you to miss out on decent work opportunities. Your dream job is something to work towards. For now focus on picking up new skills that apply to your career goals.




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Photo 1. based on 170 – Typing, by Hillary, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 2. based on 40+234 Work!, by bark, CC-by-2.0</p>

Photo 3. based on Job Listings, by Flazingo Photos, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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