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How to get college credit for your internship abroad

So, you’ve decided that you want to do an internship abroad! If you are currently a university student in the United States, the next thing on your mind might be how to make the most of your internship by acquiring college credit for it. Especially if you plan to do your international internship during the semester, you need to be sure that you will get credit prior to embarking on your overseas adventure! If you’ve decided to try to get college credit for your international internship, follow the steps below.


1.Check your university’s study abroad or registrar website. Oftentimes, your university’s study abroad or registrar website will be the best source of information for getting college credit for a study abroad or intern abroad experience. Though The Intern Group may not yet be a pre-approved program provider at your university, it is likely still possible to apply to get your Intern Group program approved for credit. Check your university’s international office and academic credit sites first for specific instructions on how to obtain credit.


2.Contact your academic advisor. If you’re still feeling lost despite visiting the aforementioned websites (or even if you did find some helpful information!), we recommend contacting your academic advisor. They will be able to help you navigate the process of requesting academic credit, based on your majors/minors and resulting academic requirements. Often, your specific school may have requirements (i.e. the School of Engineering, School of Education, etc.) that other schools at your university don’t, so be sure to speak with someone in your area.


3.Use The Intern Group as a resource! As a participant on an Intern Group program, academic credit assistance is included in your program fee. This means that we are available to help, as needed, as you seek academic credit for your internship. Whether this is helping you prepare a proposal to apply for credit, speaking with your academic advisor, or just signing a document upon the completion of your internship abroad, we are here to help!


Though these steps should be helpful to you in seeking college credit for your international internship, it is worth noting that not every university will provide credit for summer/winter break or even semester-long internships. Policies relating to internship credit will vary from university to university, so if you are unsure about the process of applying for credit, it is best to ask your university administrators directly!


Even if you are unable to get college credit for your internship, some universities will allow you to take a semester-long leave-of-absence to do the internship. In some cases, this might be a worthwhile decision to be able to intern abroad for an extended period of time, or you may choose to do a shorter internship during your summer or winter vacation (the minimum program duration with The Intern Group is 6 weeks). We encourage you to consider all possible options and to make this decision based on what is best for you personally and for your family. Good luck!


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Photos and blog by John Monahan

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