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6 Ways to improve your communication skills

Regardless of which industry or career you plan to enter, you should always be improving your communication skills. In order to be a good team member, employee, and leader, it is essential to be able to communicate well. However, you don’t necessarily need to register for a public speaking class to boost this skill. You can practice communication skills in the classroom, on the soccer field and even abroad! Here are 6 tips on how to improve your communication skills. 

1. Take on Leadership Positions

If you’re looking to increase your communication and interpersonal skills, consider taking lead of a project or running for a leadership role on campus. Leadership roles force you to communicate with many different people. You’ll learn a lot about your own communication style and the techniques that are most effective for leading, as well as listening.

2. Listen Critically

Good communicators aren’t just good at talking. Listening to your colleagues and managers is the best way to make sure you understand their questions and assignments. Successful communication in the workplace relies heavily on your ability to listen critically and use emotional intelligence. If you pay close attention when other people speak, your own responses will be more insightful and meaningful.



How to improve your communication skills

3. Learn a new language

If you speak at least a second language, the number of people you can communicate with increases drastically. Also, when you speak to someone in their native language, it allows you to form a deeper connection with them. It demonstrates that you desire to learn and understand their culture.

4. Practice working as part of a team

Executing tasks or projects as part of a team is a very different experience than doing it alone. Joining a team, whether it be a sports team, special interest group or class assignment will involve extensive collaboration with others. Learning how to work well with all types of people is a crucial part of becoming a good communicator.


How to improve your communication skills

5. Ask Questions

In order to perform well as an intern or employee, it’s important that you are able to get things done correctly the first time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It will show your employer that you are serious about doing the task. Insightful questions will also demonstrate that you were listening closely and thinking carefully about the assignment.

6. Write, Write, Write!

This is one of the most important tips on how to improve your communication skills. In the business world, written communication skills are just as important as speaking skills. You’ll likely communicate with your colleagues and clients regularly through email or another messaging platform. Additionally, your writing prowess will trickle into your speaking skills as well. The better your writing, the better your overall communication!


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