5 ways going abroad improves your communication skills

Before you head out to find your dream career, it’s important to consider how to improve your communication skills. As a young professional, they are the most important skills in your toolkit and are an asset to employers.

Whether you’re looking to make a good impression in an interview or land a promotion, communication is key.

Young professionals likely learn and practice basic communication everyday. Successful experience abroad shows employers that you have top-notch communication skills. Additionally, it shows that you are capable of thriving in any environment.

As an international intern, you’ll have endless opportunities to improve and showcase your communication abilities. Here are the top ways an international internship will improve your communication skills:

1. You’ll gain confidence

When it comes to your career, confidence is key. However, this is an element of strong communication that many young professionals lack. An internship abroad will help you develop confidence in your public speaking and presentation skills. Confidence is also important when working with other colleagues. The ability to share your ideas will make you an important member of the team.

2. You’ll become a critical listener

As an intern in a new country, new office and maybe even a new industry or language, you will do a lot of listening. Part of listening well involves asking questions to make sure you clearly understand your instructions before embarking on a task or project. There’s no harm in asking questions, especially if it ensures that you’ll avoid doing something incorrectly.

3. You’ll be more open-minded

In any international setting, the ability to keep an open mind about people, cultures and experiences is essential. In an international workplace, open-mindedness is even more important. Recognizing and embracing the differences between your own business culture and that of your host country will help you to grow. Miscommunication is common in this kind of setting. As an intern, you can help to avoid it by being open to trying new things.

How to improve your communication skills

4. You’ll gain a global mindset

An international internship shows potential employers that you have a global mindset. Furthermore, it shows that you are curious and open to other cultures. As many industries and companies become more international, a global perspective is an asset in an employee. If you hope to pursue an international career, it is essential to have experience in a professional setting abroad.

5. You’ll master new foreign languages

If you’re thinking about how to improve your communication skills abroad, perhaps the best way is through language. Regardless of your industry, being bilingual is extremely useful if you plan on having an international career. Companies and organizations that operate across multiple countries place a high value on employees who speak another language. Take advantage of your time abroad to brush up, or to pick up some new conversational skills.

Now that you know how to improve your communication skills abroad, apply now for an international internship.


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