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How to Make a Home Office to Boost Productivity

As the world has transitioned into remote work, many of us are struggling with productivity. When working remotely, it is often difficult to create a balance between work and life. Creating a office that boosts productivity could be the key to getting work done remotely. Here are 5 of our top tips on how to make the best home office.


1. Prioritize comfort in your home office

You will be spending long hours at your home office while working remotely.  If you feel yourself shift uncomfortably in your current desk chair, and frequently relocate to different areas of your home, a new chair might drastically improve your productivity at home.

Focus on what is best for your body. If you feel yourself slouching, or sitting for long hours, look into a standing desk. It might not radically change your health, but could increase focus and productivity.


2. Declutter your home office

The goal is to optimize your time, and having a clean and organized workspace plays a critical role. Take some time out of your day at home to clear your desk space and surrounding areas. In addition, it might be worth it to find new storage spaces for your supplies. Having designated places for your materials, and a spacious area to work, can help you stay focused.


3. Make your space visually pleasing

Your home office should be a space of tranquility and quiet, that you look forward to spending time in. If you cannot find a space with great natural lighting, you might like to invest in a quality desk lamp.

Once you have decluttered your workspace, you can bring some aesthetically pleasing decorations back in. Think of your preferences. For example, which colors make you feel more at peace? Does working near house plants put you at ease? Surrounding yourself with visuals that make you happy will bring you one step closer to a great home office.


4. Clear distractions in your office

After you have built your ideal workspace, you can focus on the smaller details. Since most of our work is now done virtually, it is difficult to turn off your cellphone as many recommend. We recommend finding alternate ways to use technology without getting sucked into your Instagram feed or the Twitter bubble. 

There are numerous desktop and cellphone applications that will help you achieve productivity. Extensions such as Block Site on Google Chrome will allow you restrict sites such as Netflix and YouTube for specific amounts of time in the day.

5. Remember to take breaks

Finally, don’t forget to take breaks. Moving away from your home office while you are relaxing will allow your brain to make the switch from work to play. You will be training yourself to associate focus and productivity with your office, while giving yourself time to breath in other parts of your home.



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Photos by:

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Blog by Nayantara Ranganatha

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