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22 reasons interning abroad is the best way to spend your summer break

Still haven’t decided how to spend summer vacation? You want to go traveling but you can’t justify a 10-week holiday. You want to do something to boost your resume but working in your hometown doesn’t sound like fun. Why not combine an internship with a trip abroad? Interning abroad offers a multitude of both personal and professional benefits. Put it at the top of your list.


Interning abroad is the best way to spend your summer because:


1. You’ll meet an amazing, international group of friends

Afterwards, you can visit the interesting characters you meet in their home countries and have a couch to crash on all over the world.


2. It’ll make your resume shine

International work experience is an attention-grabbing line on the CV.


3. You can pick up another language

It will improve your chances of getting a job and open up both professional and personal doors in your future. Porque no?


how to spend summer vacation


4. You get to explore a world outside your comfort zone

Instead of sticking to your normal summertime spots, go somewhere you’ve never gone before.


5. The opportunity to try out a new cuisine

Spend this summer allowing your inner foodie to explore new flavors, eating your way through the gastronomy of a new city and region. You can find some new favorite dishes and even learn how to cook with a new palate in mind.


6. Getting your tan on the other side of the world

Because who doesn’t want to rock an international glow?


7. The experience will challenge your independence

This is the chance to say “hasta luego” to your parents and test drive your independence abroad.


8. You’ll end the summer a more traveled, adventurous person

What did you do last summer? There are few things you can say that are more impressive than gaining international work experience and traveling abroad. It’s an incredibly fulfilling way to spend your summer days that will make you a more open, traveled and gutsy individual.


9. It’s the best of both worlds

You get the adventure and excitement of traveling abroad combined with the professional benefits of gaining international work experience in your field.


10. The chance to learn about a completely foreign music scene

Checking out local concerts and getting to know the best venues in an international city abroad is a great perk of an internship abroad experience.


how to spend summer vacation


11. Your Instagram feed will be the envy of all your friends

You’ll get to use all of the best hashtags: #wanderlust #travelgram #passportready #instago.


12. It’s a chance to gain a fresh perspective

Going abroad is an ideal way to expand your worldview. Surrounding yourself with people from many different cultural backgrounds will expose you to many different thoughts and perspectives.


13. You can gain real-world life skills

“Adulting” in a new city in a foreign country certainly makes you more prepared for the real world. You become more self-reliant, having to run your life miles from home and without the support of your close friends and family.


14. It’s an amazing cultural learning experience

Surrounding yourself in a new cultural environment is a great way to learn about how another society lives. While interning abroad, you can enjoy the traditions, cuisine, music, literature, parks, architecture and many other aspects of a culture.


15. You’ll become more globally-minded

Living abroad forever changes your perspective on the world. Once you become aware of another society’s realities and norms, you can start to understand just how big the world is and all the diversity and opportunities that are out there.


16. The opportunity might not always be there

This is your chance. As you grow older and assume more responsibilities, spending a summer abroad may just not be an option. Do it while you can.


17. It will make you a better traveler

Spending an extended period of time in a foreign country is a great way to learn how to adjust and accept the differences you experience in a foreign culture.


how to spend summer vacation



18. You gain professional experience in the field of your choice

You can choose in which field you would like to do your internship abroad, so you can use the summer to better prepare for your career ahead of you.


19. Travel opportunities

Use your weekends, or time before or after your internship abroad, to explore a new region by backpacking around the area and discovering a new culture.


20. You’ll feel like you did something once it’s all done

The sense of accomplishment you feel after living and working abroad will swell your chest with pride. Navigating an international work experience isn’t easy, but once you take the plunge and survive the experience, you’ll feel so freakin’ good about how you spent your summer.


21. Making international professional contacts

Interning abroad is a unique networking opportunity. It’s a great way to meet professionals in your field from different places around the world.


22. You can lay out by the pool whenever – this is your chance for a genuine adventure

The hard work of preparing yourself for an international internship abroad will pay off. You can have a “chill” summer some other time. This is your opportunity to grow both professionally and personally and live out the adventure of a lifetime.


Now you know how to spend summer vacation in the best way, apply now to boost your career with an international internship!



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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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