Human Resources Internships in Madrid

A human resources internship in a competitive city like Madrid is a great way to prepare a young person for their career. Human resources is all about working with people. The career requires superb interpersonal skills and a high comfort level with people from a variety of backgrounds. An HR internship in Madrid will present a young professional with work and personal challenges that will sharpen their ability to adjust to new cultures and interact with people from all over the world.


Human Resources Internships in Madrid


Real-world experience plays a significant role in professional development in the human resources sector. An internship in human resources helps foster an intern’s communication skills, their ability to relate to others regardless of background and demonstrate teamwork and conflict resolution skills. Moreover, internships give young people the chance to see successful human resources professionals do their jobs well.



Hands-on, multicultural experience in a competitive field is hard to beat. The Intern Group’s internships in human resources will prepare a budding professional to start their career with roles in recruitment and administration. Previous HR interns in Madrid have worked at firms like Mantequerías Arias and Iclaves.


Living in Madrid

Madrid is large, relaxed city full of gorgeous parks, treasured museums and hip neighborhoods. Filled with both modern and historic gems, Madrid is the ideal backdrop for a fast-paced HR internship. Accommodations for HR interns come with sheets, Wifi and cleaning. Intern housing is set a reasonable distance from work and classes within Madrid’s safest neighborhoods. Previously interns have lived in Sol, Salamanca, Nuevos Ministerios, Moncloa and Tribunal.



An internship in Spain is a great opportunity to learn or improve Spanish language skills. The Intern Group HR internship program offers optional Spanish language classes at many different levels at the Don Quijote school. After class, interns can practice their castellano with locals. Despite being an international city, many locals speak limited English.


Human Resources Internships in Madrid


Beautiful Madrid

Madrid is a gorgeous city to explore, with a lovely historic center that contains multiple world-famous sites. Home to the notable bronze statue of King Philip III, Plaza Mayor is solid place to explore, where interns can sip on a coffee or meander in and out of the area’s traditional shops. A short walking distance away, sightseers can take a gander at the regal Royal Palace and stunning Almudena cathedral.


One of Madrid’s less famous treasures is the Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple that was rebuilt in a Spanish park. The temple is peaceful and gorgeous, particularly at night when the temple is lit up with its reflection glittering over the water that surrounds it. Another must-see spot is the Madrid Rio, which is a river that runs through Madrid and is surrounded by parks. Many locals run or bike on paths along the river.


Human Resources Internships in Madrid


Madrid is also home to some of the world’s finest art. The internationally famous mural Guernica by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso draws in visitors from around the world to the local Reina Sofia modern art museum. Meanwhile, thousands of international visitors flock to the Prado museum, which boasts works by Goya and Rubens.


Time to unwind

After a challenging day working in human resources, interns abroad can unwind in the authentic Spanish style: tapas. The tradition of “tapeo” is popular among many Madrid residents or “Madrileños”, who gather for tapas or small plates of local dishes like patatas bravas, pincho de tortilla and croquetas. Madrileños will often wash down their tapas with beers, regional wine or sangria.


For going out, the La Latina neighborhood is a reliable spot, particularly Cava Baja street, which is full of a variety of tapas bars. Calle Pez, which is lined with cool vintage shops during the day, is another hip area to snag food or a cocktail in the evening. Another recommended spot for after-hours fun is the counter-cultural, bohemian neighborhood Malasaña. It’s hipster mecca and perfect for grabbing a drink, food and people-watching.


Day Trips

Madrid is conveniently located near many tourist destinations around Spain, allowing interns the chance to travel. A day trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site Toledo is included in the HR internship program, where interns can visit the iconic stone fortification Alcazar of Toledo. Also located just a train ride away from Madrid is the World Heritage City Segovia.


Boost your career

Real-world experience abroad will prepare a young person for their first human resources job. On top of learning about the human resources profession, an intern in Madrid will also gain valuable multicultural experience, working and interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds. Expand your worldview and gain professional experience with an HR internship in Madrid!


Apply now and boost your career!


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