Human Resources internships in Tokyo

Expand your horizons and gain real-world professional experience in your field with Human Resources internships in Tokyo. It’s an exciting, fast-paced city that will keep a talent management professional on their toes. Beyond the rich professional opportunities in Tokyo, there’s no place like Japan for combining career development and the thrill of wanderlust. Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan area in the world and is full of opportunity for an eager Human Resources professional. 


Human Resources internships in Tokyo


Living in Tokyo

Participants of Human Resources internships in Tokyo will enjoy a comfortable stay in Japan. The Intern Group provides accommodation in Tokyo’s safest areas. You will stay close to shops, restaurants and within a reasonable commute from your internship via public transportation. Tokyo is famous for its highly efficient trains and buses.

Despite being such a large city, it’s incredibly clean as recycling culture is the norm. You’ll barely ever see litter, thanks to the city’s infrastructure. Tokyo is also incredibly safe, boasting very low crime rates.


Tokyo: an international destination

Human Resources interns will quickly adjust to the Japanese lifestyle, as Tokyo has become home to foreigners from all over the world. Tokyo sets the standard for global cities, attracting professionals, students, interns and travelers from every country on earth. Because the city is so international, most signs you see are also in English, making the city easier to navigate – plus a lot of Tokyoites speak English, which helps foster cultural exchange.

Tokyo is the ideal city to explore and sightsee. There’s a reason why Tokyo is touted as an international tourism destination and was voted as the world’s most satisfying tourist city in a TripAdvisor poll back in 2013. You’ll never have a dull moment in this fast-paced city, which offers two baseball stadiums, unique establishments like a manga-kissa, or “comics café” and numerous festivals, like Kanda Matsuri.


Human Resources internships in Tokyo


Food & commerce

If you enjoy food – you’ll fall in love with the food scene while doing Human Resources internships in Tokyo. The city has garnered an international reputation for offering gastronomy like no other place on earth. The country’s unique and often healthy food culture can be enjoyed for as much or as little as you want to spend, as there are many inexpensive and authentic street food options to try. Or if you’re the type of foodie who splurges on fine dining, Tokyo also offers the most Michelin stars out of any city in the world.

Tokyo is also an international shopping hub, with many types of markets, malls, high-end shopping areas and local fairs. Whether you’re looking for the latest gadget or fashion trend, Tokyo has it. Even if you’re looking to save, rather than splurge, there are many shopping experiences that are just as fun without spending money. For example, a trip to the biggest fish market in the world; Tsukiji fish market, offers a unique and authentic look at fishing and fish market culture in Japan.


Learn more about how to boost your career with Human Resources internships in Tokyo. Japan is the perfect place for a travel adventure.




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3. based on Sensoji – Asakusa Kannon Temple, by IQRemix, CC-by-SA 2.0


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