5 tips to improve your business writing

As you transition from student to professional, your writing skills become increasingly important. However, the writing skills needed in a university setting can be quite different from the writing you’ll be doing as a professional. In order to be successful in the office, you’ll need to improve your business writing. Whether you’re sending a quick note to check in with your manager, or drafting a message for a client, your writing style is crucial to getting a message across.

improve your business writing

Here are 5 great tips to improve your business writing.

1. Keep it short

When you’re writing in a professional setting, it’s best to keep it short and sweet. Avoiding long tangents when possible. This is particularly important if you’re trying to convey a complex theme. The longer you make your message, the less likely people are to read it all the way. Get to your point quickly, and focus on the important bits of information. If there are many key points, consider using bullets, which will break it down visually for your readers.

2. Keep it professional

While it may seem obvious, keeping your writing professional is key. Avoid any colloquial language and acronyms that aren’t used internally in your organization. And of course, professional emails are not the right place for emojis or GIFs. Using professional language will take you far, particularly when you’re communicating with your higher ups.

3. Know your audience

When you’re writing something for your internship or job, it’s important to know your audience. Writing for clients is very different than writing an internal report, or drafting a speech for a presentation. You’ll likely change your tone, vocabulary and maybe even formatting, depending on who you’re writing for. Keeping your audience in mind as you write can help you cater your message, and ensure it is as engaging as possible.

improve your business writing

4. Read it out loud to yourself

If you aren’t sure how your message sounds, the best way to find out is to read it out loud to yourself. Of course, this is also a great way to edit. It can be very difficult to edit your own writing, but it is an essential step for good business communication. Reading your message out loud will help identify typos, awkward sentences, and improve your business writing.

5. Use examples

When you’re explaining a complicated topic in your message, you want it to be as clear as possible for maximum comprehension. When you’re writing for business, you’ll be describing a project or another important update. Many of your readers won’t be as familiar with the topic as you are. Using examples that your audience is familiar with can help them understand your message more clearly.

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