7 killer reasons why an international internship is the ultimate resume builder

An internship abroad is a sure-fire way to build up your resume while also having an unforgettable international experience. Learn how an international internship is the ultimate resume builder and how it can make you a more competitive professional in the current job market. The opportunity will spur immeasurable personal and professional growth, making you a more mature, savvy and cosmopolitan person.


7 killer reasons why an international internship is the ultimate resume builder

1. It gives you experience in your industry

Many entry level positions these days require previous work experience in the industry. An internship abroad is a great way to gain this experience. Upon completing your internship, you’ll be better prepared to work in your field and you’ll become a more competitive job candidate.


2. The wow factor

International internship experience is still pretty new and many hiring managers will be genuinely impressed to see it on a resume. Although you need smarts to sell yourself in the interview, having international professional experience on your resume will add some intrigue and likely snag you a job interview.


3. It proves that you have essential soft skills

Completing an international internship indirectly tells a potential employer certain things about you. It shows that you’re gutsier than the average applicant, more open-minded, adventurous and that you have strong interpersonal skills. Not everyone is willing to jump on a plane and go to a country they’ve never been to before in order to live and work. Employers like to hire people with courage. They’re the kind of people that you want beside you in business negotiations, for example, because they know how to keep calm and get the job done.


ultimate resume builder


4. It adds foreign language skills

As the world becomes more globalized, there is a growing need for bilingual professionals. Having experience being immersed in a second language in a professional setting will make your resume more attractive to whoever is hiring. Being bilingual can be very useful in any number of industries. It makes you a more valuable prospect from the outset, even if those language skills aren’t immediately necessary.


5. It shows dedication to the career field and to your own professional development

While many young people go on study abroad programs or take a backpacking trip, students who take internships abroad are unique. They took the time during their adventures to work within their career field to become a more insightful professional. This shows that they are dedicated and that they have a real passion for the field.


ultimate resume builder


6. It indicates that you’re a globally minded individual

As the world becomes more globalized, there’s a need for professionals to progress in the same way. Understanding how the world is interconnected across borders is pertinent to many industries. In business, for example, without a global mindset you won’t fully understand expansion opportunities and how to make an expansion to another country successful.


7. It improves cultural sensitivity

Global migration means that the ethnic makeup of the communities that we live in is changing. Those who have experienced immersing themselves in new cultures and communities will be better equipped to welcome people of different backgrounds. Cultural sensitivity improves the overall climate of a workplace and makes you a more valuable part of the team.



Now you know that interning abroad is the ultimate resume builder, apply now to boost your resume and your career!


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