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Ask the intern: What company will I be interning at?

Hi Sugar, my name is Emily and I’m currently studying at the University of Manchester in the UK. I recently got accepted onto the Australia international internship program for a 6 month placement in the NGO and non-profit sector. My second choice sector is government and politics. I’m so happy to have been successful in my application and I can’t wait to start my internship in summer. However, I am still a bit confused about the placement process. I’m worried that I will be placed in a company that doesn’t match what I want to do in my career or that isn’t that highly regarded. Although I’m sure the placement process is effective, could you possibly give me some more details so that I know what the next steps are? -Emily.


Hi Emily! First of all, a huge congratulations on your acceptance into our international internship program. We can’t wait to see you in Australia. The host organization placement process is often something that we receive a lot of questions about. Obviously, one of the key aspects of your international internship experience will be the company that you’re placed at. Therefore, we completely understand your concern! Below I have outlined a step-by-step guide to the placement process to put your mind at ease.

It is so important to us that our interns are satisfied with where we place them. A lot of people at The Intern Group started their career with their own internship abroad (like me currently!). Therefore, we know first-hand the significance of the company you intern for. With that in mind, we have a team of specialists who work collaboratively with you to ensure a perfect placement fit, via the process below.


The application process

As you have been accepted onto the program, you will have already gone through the exceptionally competitive application and interview process. At this stage, our international admissions officers have found out a lot about you and your background.

This background, which includes your work experience, academic achievements, career goals, skills, interests and general character, was presented to the Australia director at an admissions meeting who then accepted you (well done!). The application process gives us a general idea of the type of candidate you are. This helps us to place you in the best-fitted host organization for you.


international internship program


Evaluating what you need

Next you confirm your acceptance into the program by making your deposit. We then begin working to find you the best placement possible for your profile. This is the stage that you’re at (and where most people have the most questions). Naturally, people can sometimes want to control the process. Often, they have a clear picture of what they want, especially if what they desire is a big name company. However, cherry-picking companies is actually not the best way to find your ideal placement.

Instead, we work in a collaborative team with you, our experts, the admissions officers and the Australia director. This way we can evaluate exactly what you need. As our experts are extremely talented at what they do, having placed thousands of interns successfully, they really know what’s best for you and your career path. I wish that I had had such a tried-and-tested process when I was applying for internships abroad. Going through the process on your own becomes so complicated.


Finding your company

The next step sees our team reach out to our large and ever-growing network of host organizations with whom we have established great relationships. It is extremely difficult to find any internship from outside the country, let alone your ideal internship. I know this all too well from my search for my own international internship. Therefore our network can be an invaluable resource for finding a placement.

The vast majority of interns get placed within their first choice career field. However, flexibility on your part will always ensure that we can provide you with the best opportunities.


The interview

After consideration, we then select a company for you to interview with and set up a Skype, phone or video call between you. This can be a daunting experience, but keep in mind that you have been matched with this host organization. They also want the interview to go well!

However, in the unlikely event that the interview is unsuccessful, we are still committed to finding you a great internship. We then find you another match, until you have a successful interview.


international internship program



Typically 4-8 weeks before you arrive in Australia, your company and role will be confirmed. From this point, you have the exciting prospect of booking your flights and packing your bags! Throughout your placement, our team provides continual support related to your internship and other aspects of your international adventure!


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