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Ask The Intern: How to fund an internship abroad


Dear Danielle, my name is Andrew and I’m a first generation college student in California. I would absolutely love to do an international internship, but the only thing holding me back is my finances. Do you know of any international internship scholarships that can help me fund my internship abroad?



Dear Andrew, thank you so much for sending in this question. As a former first generation college student myself, I completely understand your financial situation. Sometimes it seems like only a certain demographic of students can afford to do this type of program abroad. Luckily The Intern Group and many other organizations in international education are making efforts to increase diversity in programs abroad. Here are five tips for funding your experiences abroad.


1. Check to see what international internship scholarships you can apply for with The Intern Group

Next year, The Intern Group will award four winners up to $2,500 USD in grants to do a summer or fall program in Colombia, Australia, Dublin, or Shanghai. Applicants have until February 2, 2018 to apply for these Global Leadership Grants to help fund a summer program next year. Definitely keep this in mind if you’re interested in any of the four destinations.


international internship scholarships

Global Leadership Grant Winner Hiwot in Hong Hong


2. See if you can receive any need-based discounts

If you receive the Pell Grant in the US, Youth Allowance in Australia, the Canada Student Grant in Canada, or the Maintenance Grant in the UK, you are eligible to receive a $500 discount on any program. Additionally, students who receive financial aid towards university tuition costs may be eligible to apply this towards program fees as well, especially if they receive university credit for the program.


3. Speak to your study abroad office to see if you’re eligible for a partner university discount

The Intern Group partners with universities all over the world to increase diversity in international education and send more students abroad. An average partner university discount is 10%, and you can check our list of university partners here. Some universities also provide full-ride scholarships for international experiences, so inquire about this at your financial aid office, study abroad office, as well as talking to your academic advisor.


international internship scholarships

Kings College London students in Colombia


4. Consult your academic advisor to see if you can get a department or club scholarship or grant

Most departments and clubs at schools have funding to support their students in their academic project endeavors. If an international internship experience can help you with a thesis, or a class project, there might be a chance of receiving funding towards your program fees from your major’s academic department. This may involve you writing a proposal about how this experience abroad will help you gain more insight about something academic related to your major. Honor societies like Golden Key, NSHSS, and Beta Gamma Sigma also provide their participants with scholarships to The Intern Group’s programs.


5. Research organizations and government entities that provide scholarships for international opportunities

Many organizations are working together to provide students with funding for international experiences, from your government, to travel companies, to even your honor societies. Organizations like the Fund For Education Abroad work with other names in the field of international education to fund scholarships for experiences abroad. Similarly, applying for funding through Go Overseas, Go Abroad (deadline November 14, 2017) the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, or the Boren Fellowship can provide you with many funding opportunities towards your internship abroad. Lastly, there are many regional/governmental grants through Erasmus in Europe or the Prime Minister’s Scholarships for people from New Zealand that can provide applicants with large scholarships as well.


For a better understanding of scholarships and fundraising ideas, refer to our financing page.



Now that you know about resources for international internship scholarships, apply now.


1. Photo by The Intern Group

2. Photo by Hiwot Adane

3. Photo by The Intern Group

Photos and blog by Danielle Ortiz-Geis

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