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International internships in Shanghai

Learn about China’s booming metropolis while earning real-world, professional experience and making international friendships that will last a lifetime. Doing an internship abroad in Shanghai is one of the most exciting ways that you can boost your resume while exploring a new part of the world. A global city, Shanghai is welcoming to foreigners and has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing, culture, food, travel and economic opportunity. Learn about this beautiful city by interning abroad.


Shanghai is a global financial hub, China’s most populous city and the most densely populated city on the planet. Shanghai is home to a vast number of industries, making it an ideal place to gain experience in many different fields. The Intern Group can help you take advantage of this international opportunity in Shanghai, arranging an internship catered to your professional goals. Young professionals doing international internships in Shanghai will have the opportunity to intern in leading firms, learning first-hand about their industry with important internship roles hand-picked for each intern.


Living in Shanghai

Interns abroad in Shanghai will enjoy the top-notch accommodation set up through The Intern Group, located in safe city neighborhoods. Interns live in private bedrooms in shared apartments with other students, young professionals and interns. Getting around in Shanghai is a breeze thanks to the city’s comprehensive public transportation system – the most extensive in the world and it’s cheap too! The metro, along with international areas, also has signs written in English so it’s easier to get around for English-speaking foreigners.


internships in Shanghai


Exploring China

An internship in Shanghai is perfect for anyone craving a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Most locals speak Mandarin, so it’s the perfect time to pick up a useful second language. You’ll also hear Shanghainese on the street, which is the regional language, but as the city has become more globalized there’s been a significant shift to learning Mandarin. Interns will get a sense of China’s past and future in Shanghai. The Lujiazui skyline glitters with modernity, while the Qibao Old Town offers another era’s sense of simplicity and peace. Interns will get to smell, touch, see and taste Chinese culture during their experience, whether drinking tea or celebrating Chinese New Year, there are many cultural experiences to enjoy in Shanghai.


An international city

Many parts of Shanghai are very international and, luckily for you, a lot of younger people speak English in Shanghai. Moreover, foreigners from Korea, France, the USA and other countries have flocked to the city by the thousands to live. During your internship abroad you’ll have the chance to meet people from all over the world, either passing through Shanghai or perhaps on a more permanent stay. A benefit to the city being so international is that when you’re missing home, you can find many different foods and entertainment from home, if you know where to look.


internships in Shanghai


Flavors of Shanghai

Shanghai is a great place to dive into Chinese cuisine. You can eat like a king for very little money. You can find delicious, home-cooked meals for as little as US$2. A nicer restaurant in town would cost about US$10, but you’ll never spend too much unless you really want to. One local specialty to try in Shanghai is the dumplings with soup called xiao long bao. In Shanghai the Sichuan cuisine is also tasty along with the mini wontons in soup and yangchun noodles.


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Photo 1. based on Shanghai 2015, by Freebird, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 2. based on SHANGHAI, by Shanghái – 上海, CC-by-NA 2.0

Photo 3. based on Shanghai Street Noodles, by Elvir K, CC-by-2.0

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