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Dear Madrid… An open letter to the city that changed everything

Querido Madrid,


How have you been? I find it difficult to be away from you after spending six spectacular weeks with you. You helped me in more ways than you can imagine, professionally and personally. The decision to intern in a brand new country was a hard one. I would be flying 5,000 miles aways from home, to a land that spoke an entirely new language, filled with people that I knew nothing about. I had never interned anywhere else, and I had a difficult time establishing my expectations. This decision became instantly clear once I was awarded a full scholarship by The Intern Group; I’d be crazy to pass on this opportunity.


internship in madrid


My internship in Madrid and my placement as a marketing intern with a startup called WON(D)ER was not at all what I had expected. The style of employee management was lacking, in a good way. I had complete control over my schedule, and little direction when it came to assignments. You showed me that I could confidently produce work that appropriately captured the brief, and often confusing, guidance from my supervisor – a skill that I never knew I possessed. You opened my eyes to a business culture that contrasted so greatly to my own. With you, I could sleep in and go to work at 10, siesta, then have plenty of time to grab dinner because you eat so late!


internship in madrid


Madrid, you also provided me with some of the most unforgettable memories. Walking through your streets was so manageable and relaxing. Daily trips to Gran Via, ice cream breaks everywhere I went, and casually bumping into fellow interns in the city were some of the little things that made it so special. You gave me the best times at Kapital, probably my favorite club in the world. Rooftop bars weren’t hard to find. And you always made sure that I could find some great tapas on every corner.


internship in madrid


I met so many amazing people from all over the world with help from The Intern Group. I made lifelong friendships that I would not have had if it weren’t for you. I didn’t realize that I would find home in a place so far from where I live. However, I am happy I did. Thank you Madrid for all of the wonderful experiences, the friends, the food, the internship, and the memories. Don’t miss me too much, because I promise you I will be back!

P.S. Save me some bacalao for when I come back!


Con amor,




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