Internships in New York City

From Wall Street to the Garment District, the headquarters of NBC or the UN, New York City has something to offer just about everyone. Earning real-world work experience at some of the city’s finest firms with an internship abroad in New York City will put you ahead of the pack in terms of finding your first job. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to live in one of the United States’ most important cities and work alongside the world’s top professionals in their field.


Internships in New York City


New York City has so much to offer an international intern. The fast-paced city is known for its diverse population and global economic significance. Rich in culture and highly competitive, young professionals will have the chance to explore the greatest city on earth while developing professional skills at some of the best workplaces in the world.


A city of industry

A prominent global city and the heart of capitalism, New York is a vital city for industry. The city’s financial sector is especially powerful, Wall Street being recognized as the financial center of the globe. Two of the world’s top stock exchanges are based in New York City; the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.


Many other industries have a globally significant presence in the city. NYC, for example, is also home to one of the fashion capitals of the United States, the garment or fashion district. Meanwhile, numerous television programs and movies are filmed in New York, as the city has one of the most important entertainment industries in the world. Many aspiring writers and journalists also flock to New York, for the plethora of opportunity the city offers in terms of publishing and media.


Networking in NYC

With so many of the world’s best professionals in one place, New York City is an excellent place to network. Interns in New York City will be working in their field alongside individuals established in their career. That experience inside an office will allow an intern to establish working relationships that can lead to job opportunities and recommendations.


Intern in New York


Bright lights, big city

If you love culture, you’ll love New York City. The city is chock-full of some of the best entertainment in the world. On Broadway (or Off-Broadway), you can see top-notch live theatre. Whether a straight play or musical, New York provides a stage for some of the best actors, directors, producers and designers on the planet.


Live music fans can see any genre of music on any given night in New York City. The city offers affordable jazz lounges, intimate indie music venues, outdoor music festivals and gigantic indoor arenas like Madison Square Garden, which accommodates 20,000 people. It’s fair to assume that pretty much any performer touring in the United States will make a stop in New York City.




Never a dull moment

Interns will never get bored on their days off as New York City has endless places to spend a lazy Saturday. Central Park is a favorite place of locals and visitors alike. The urban park stretches across 788 acres and has lakes, sculptures, gardens, a zoo, the famous restaurant Tavern on the Green, among other attractions.


An intern in New York cannot go home without seeing internationally-recognized tourist spots like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. For an unforgettable view of lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is the place to go. The Grand Central Terminal and Staten Island Ferry are also an important part of the New York City experience.


New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world. In terms of visual arts, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum and Brooklyn Museum hold world-famous works. If dinosaur bones and fossils are your kind of thing, you’ll have a ball at the American Museum of Natural History. For those curious about how the city’s public transportation system has evolved, check out the New York Transit Museum.


And if New York City didn’t have enough to offer an intern abroad, the east coast has many beautiful cities located just a train ride away. Interns can learn about U.S. history on the Freedom Trail in Boston and check out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the most iconic and historic monuments and buildings can be spotted in nearby Washington, D.C., the U.S. capital.


Boost your career!

Launch your career with an international internship in New York City! Not only will working experience in the big apple give an intern abroad unique work experience, but it will also expose a young person to a new culture, ideas and traditions. Living and working abroad in a city like New York will give a young professional a competitive edge as they continue down their career path.


Apply now and boost your career with an internship in New York!



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