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Internships – Does your age matter?

Here, at The Intern Group, we constantly get asked if age matters when applying for an internship, and the answer is NO! International Internships will benefit people at any age. It used to be that they were typical for only college students looking to boost their resumes, however, today internships are also being designed for anyone who wants to learn a new trade or break into an industry. Whether you’re a high school student, an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a career changer an internship will give you the necessary jump-start into the working world. Here’s how and why an internship at every point in your life will aid your professional development:

High School Student – An internship while you’re in high school will set you apart from your peers. Not many students at this age have proper work experience so this will give you an edge compared to other students who only have exam grades to show potential colleges and universities on applications. It will also help you discover what you may want to study at university. Many students at this age have no clue what their passion is so an internship is a great way to figure out what you’re good at and what you really enjoy! Similarly, it might also save you early on from picking the wrong major.

Undergraduate – Interning while you’re an undergraduate will wonderfully complement your degree and get you noticed by future employers. Put what you’re learning in lectures into practice by gaining hands on experience. This will give you a new perspective about your studies and you’ll be able to understand how your degree relates to the real world. Completing an internship while you’re an undergraduate will also help you make connections for when you graduate. Use this time wisely and network with people in your company for when you finish your studies. You never know, you may be offered a job!

Postgraduate – A great way to know which career path you want to pursue is by doing an internship after you’ve finished college or university. Many people are still not sure what kind of job they want and often many degrees do not directly lead to a set career path. For example, if you study languages or a humanities subject, you have many skills that can apply to many jobs. So how do you choose? By interning when you’re a postgraduate you will be able to sample different industries and see which one would suit you best. Even if you decide that an industry isn’t for you, the internship will have given you many transferable skills that will help you in any future employment.

Career changer – An internship is a great way to break into a new industry. This can initially be very hard if you have years of experience in another field. If all your current skills revolve around your current job then an internship is a great way to expand your resume and show that you’re a well rounded person. Work your way up and learn the ins and outs of a new trade. Experience that cannot be learned anywhere else, not even in a classroom. Sometimes internships are a better option than going back to studying, especially if you want a quick change.

At The Intern Group, we welcome people of all ages into our programs. From high school students to career changers, we have helped many participants to find their dream internship and enjoy a beautiful new country. Apply now!

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Photos and blog by Abbie Hammond

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