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7 reasons why it’s never too late for an internship abroad

After years of professional experience, going back to the title of “intern” can feel like you’re taking a few steps back in your career. That said, it’s shortsighted to let pride hold you back from the career-boosting potential of an international internship. When you combine the real-world professional opportunities of an internship with the horizon-broadening experience of going abroad, new career possibilities are inevitable. International internships for career changers are increasingly the leading way to get your foot in the door in a new industry.


Learn more about international internships for career changers:

1. Internships enable you to get your foot in the door in competitive industries

Real-world professional experience is key to gaining traction in your career. It’s also crucial if you’re seeking opportunities in a new industry. If you’re considering a career change, internships can help you take on the challenges of joining a new field without demanding a long-term commitment. These invaluable internship opportunities build your industry knowledge, grow your skillset and prove your commitment to joining a new industry.


2. Going abroad boosts your multicultural competence and awareness

Apart from the opportunities to gain professional experience, internships abroad offer a multitude of exciting multicultural opportunities. Working alongside professionals with other cultural backgrounds in a foreign office will add to your overall cultural awareness and sensitivity. Internships abroad push you to work through cultural differences and varied expectations, useful skills for any type of opportunity – whether at home or overseas.


internships for career changers


“As a result of that work (TIG internship in Medellín, Colombia), I was able to get a job in a startup in Australia, a job that I really enjoy, in a company which appears to be heading to a good place. Previously, I had despaired of getting any job at all in a field I loved, let alone one which I enjoyed and which fit my abilities.” -TIG Alumnus Geoff Whitfield


3. You’ll grow your knowledge of international business and the global economy

Anyone looking for internships for career changers should consider an opportunity abroad. It’s the chance to step back and look at a new career from an international context. Understanding the global economy and the emerging opportunities in a number of sectors will make you a valuable member of the team, wherever you want to work in the future.


4. You’ll develop an understanding of another industry

Nothing compares to real-world professional experience. It’s a chance to understand what working within the industry is really like, what kind of jobs are out there and what the different positions require.


5. Immersive language learning will make you more competitive in the job market

Understanding other languages can really set you apart from other applicants whenever you’re on the job search, especially when the skill is paired with knowledge of international markets. Moreover, learning another language can enrich your life in so many other ways, easing international travel, broadening the way you experience the world and actually strengthening your brain.




6. You’ll expand your network

Internships provide career-making networking opportunities for career changers. Working alongside a competent and international team means you’ll develop many relationships with people in your field over a long period of time. Making these strong personal and professional ties is key to breaking into a new industry.


7. It’s cheaper than grad school

Some careers demand advanced degrees, which can be costly. However, for those looking to enter a field that doesn’t demand a degree, internships can be the the most cost-effective and logical answer. Rather than theoretical experience, interns learn concrete and useful knowledge that can be applied to future career endeavors.


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1. based on Knight-Crane Convergence Lab, by Knight Foundation, CC-by-SA 2.0

2. based on Alexandria Learning Centre, by দেবর্ষি রায়, CC-by-SA 2.0

3. courtesy of Giphy

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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