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Is an internship necessary for an MBA? The short answer is yes.

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There are many reasons why an MBA internship is an essential part of pursuing that higher degree. Whether you’re still considering a master’s in business or are already studying, you might be wondering “is an internship necessary for an MBA?” No matter where you are on your journey, it’s important to know the benefits of an internship.

MBA internships offer exposure and experience in your chosen field. They offer opportunities to make key contacts and connections and the chance to hone essential skills. A professional placement is a perfect way to ensure you get the absolute most out of your master’s degree. From consulting and accounting to management and everything in between, internships are beneficial for every professional path.


Top benefits of an MBA internship:

  • The chance to build a professional network

An MBA internship is an essential element of your degree and provides a key platform for networking. Interns build valuable connections that serve as some of the most important takeaways from a degree. When it comes time to apply for full-time roles, professional references are essential and are one of the main reasons an internship is necessary for MBA students. Interns build a web of co-workers, managers, and mentors, who can provide advice, referrals, and inspiration.


  • Time to develop essential skills

MBA internships are designed to equip students and graduates with the key skills required for success in the business world. Key MBA skills including leadership, communication, and problem-solving, can all be honed during a professional placement. Interns learn how to work with a diverse array of collaborators, to prioritize and manage their own time, and to think critically.


  • An opportunity to make a career change

An MBA internship is also a great option for those looking to make a career change from their undergraduate degree. Transitioning to the competitive world of business can be challenging. Professional experience at the MBA level is a great way to stand out and ensure a seamless shift to your new field! 


  • Flexible options for all schedules

MBA internships come in many shapes and sizes and can be catered to every student’s needs and interests. From part-time and remote placements to full-time and in-person ones, there’s an opportunity for everyone to gain professional experience.


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Use an MBA internship to launch your career

In the business world, there’s nothing better than immersion when it comes to ensuring you’re prepared to succeed. Whether you’re in the process of applying for an MBA, are studying, or have already finished your degree, MBA internships are an opportunity to further hone your interests and skills. Last but not least they lay the groundwork for your future full-time role.

Many MBA interns are able to move directly into full-time roles with their host organizations. Top firms use internships as a way to recruit talent, so there’s no better way to demonstrate your skill and dedication. Further, the hands-on experience gained during an internship is the perfect way to bring together various aspects of your academic and professional background and ensure you’re a competitive candidate in any arena.

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