IT Internships in Tokyo

IT plays a major role in the robust Japanese economy, with Tokyo at the center of it all. Being both an economic powerhouse and leader in technology, Tokyo is a natural choice for an internship in IT. The industry is expected to grow some $130 billion before the end of the decade. IT internships in Tokyo are the perfect way to make your resume stand out.


With IT internships in Tokyo, a young professional can discover a leading international city while preparing for a fast-paced global career. There’s no place like Japan for combining career development and the thrill of wanderlust. This competitive city is the most populous city in the world, brimming with professionals in technology and exciting opportunities.


Interning in Tokyo is strategic, as it is making huge gains in IoT (Internet of Things). Ranking first in the Global Economic Power Index, Tokyo matches its savvy tech industry with a booming economy. The city boasts 51 Fortune 500 companies, making it an extremely competitive global city.


Living in Tokyo

Tokyo is shockingly welcoming. It’s the perfect place for international visitors and interns to feel comfortable. The Intern Group will ensure a wonderful stay for participants of the IT internships in Tokyo program, with a private room in shared accommodation in Tokyo’s safest areas, including Itabashi-ku, Kōtō-ku, Edogawa-ku, Taito-ku, Katsushika-ku and Kokubunji-shi. You will live close to shops, restaurants and within a reasonable commute from your work via public transportation. Tokyo has garnered a reputation for its highly efficient and reliable trains and buses.

Besides great accommodation, living in Tokyo has many advantages. Despite being a massive city, it’s incredibly clean as recycling culture is the norm. You’ll barely ever see litter, thanks to city infrastructure and conscientious citizens. Besides cleanliness, Tokyo also offers security, boasting very low crime rates. If you lose your phone or other valuables, there’s a good chance it will make its way back to you.


IT Internships in Tokyo


Tokyo: the international destination

IT interns will fall in love with this stunning international city. It’s no secret that Tokyo sets the standard for global cities, attracting professionals, students, interns and travelers from all over the world. Tokyo is also easy to navigate as a foreigner, because most street signs are also in English. In addition, a lot of Tokyoites speak English, which makes it easier to make local friends and foster cultural exchange.

On the weekends, IT interns will be simply too busy to feel homesick, thanks to Tokyo’s countless tourist attractions. Back in 2013, the city was deemed the world’s most satisfying tourist city in a poll by TripAdvisor. Interns in Tokyo can keep busy by seeing a game at one of the city’s two baseball stadiums, or nerd out at one of the many manga-kissa, or “comics cafés.” Another popular outing is a visit to watch the Kanda River bats that live in the river banks. The city also hosts lots of fun festivals.

A hub for gastronomy and commerce

Tokyo is a place for good eats. The city has garnered an international reputation for having a food scene like no other. Plus, you can eat without breaking the bank. Hole-in-the-wall and street eateries often offer tasty dishes, just as flavorful as their high-class, fine dining counterparts. But if gourmet eats are your thing, Tokyo also offers the most Michelin stars out of any city in the world.

Shopoholics beware! Tokyo offers a shopping experience like no other, with many types of markets, malls, high-end centers and local fairs. Whether you’re looking for the latest gadget or a hot fashion trend, Tokyo has it. Even if you’re looking to save, rather than splurge, you can always check out a low-key market. Or go to the city’s top destination, the Tsukiji fish market, the world’s largest fish market.

Learn more about how to boost your career with IT internships in Tokyo. Japan is the perfect place for a travel adventure.




1. based on Tokio Panorama, by Marco Verch, CC-by-2.0

2. based on Tokyo, by Reinhard Link, CC-by-SA 2.0


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