Journalism and Media internships in Dublin

Experience Irish culture first-hand while preparing for a career in journalism and media through an internship abroad. Journalism and media internships in Dublin offer young professionals the chance to earn real-world work experience while experiencing an unknown culture. This vital intercultural experience will make a journalism and media professional more apt to offer an international perspective to their workplace and take on challenging tasks.

There’s nothing quite like an internship abroad. Not only does it open up a whole new culture to interns, but it also offers real-world work experience in a brand new culture. Interns can learn what it’s like to live in a foreign city and realize that the rest of the world is within their reach. It takes one in-depth experience abroad to open a young person’s eyes to the diversity and wonder in the world. Take on an internship abroad and reap the benefits in both your personal and professional life.


Journalism and Media internships in Dublin


International interns will feel safe and at home during their stay in Dublin. This youthful, international city is the ideal backdrop for interns looking to earn journalism and media experience, meet established professionals and have some fun along the way. During the internship experience, journalism and media interns will network with leading media professionals from across the globe. Not only will your job search become easier after earning real-world international experience, but you’ll gain a vital global perspective.


Journalism and Media internships in Dublin


Living abroad in Dublin

Journalism and media interns abroad in Dublin can appreciate the city’s prevalent greenery. The city offers many beautiful parks and gardens where interns can spend their days off picnicking or reading a book by their favorite Irish author. In fact, Dublin has more green areas, per square kilometer, than any other European capital. Dublin’s cycling infrastructure is also an important perk of living in the city, if interns wish to get around by bike. The city also has a safe and reliable public transportation system, which is easy to navigate. In terms of living arrangements, journalism and media interns will live with other young professionals, students or interns on the program in a safe and beautiful area of Dublin. Interns stay in accommodation close to public transport so that they can commute easily to their internship.


Embracing Ireland’s culture & traditions

Ireland has exported an impressive number of literary geniuses, which can be of inspiration to journalism and media interns abroad. Considering the island’s relatively small population, a surprising number of famous authors are Irish. Celebrated Irish authors include Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde. At The Dublin Writer’s Museum, interns can develop a greater understanding of just how prevalent Irish authors have been in the world of literature.

In Dublin interns will also have the chance to learn more about Ireland’s fascinating culture. They’ll discover more about many myths, legends and folklore that have been passed down for generations. Perhaps the most famous Irish or Gaelic legend is about the mischievous leprechaun, the cobbler and fairy who loves to dress in green and play tricks. Journalism and media interns in Dublin will learn, after a trip to Dublin’s National Folklore Collection, that there’s much more to Irish culture than this famous fool, the clover and St. Patrick’s Day.


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Photo 1. based on Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin, by Greg Clarke, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 2. based on And look! a barge ……, by Liam Moloney, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 3. based on The Temple Bar, by Tobias Abel, CC-by-ND 2.0


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