Journalism and Media internships in Shanghai

Better understand China’s rich culture and history while earning pertinent, real-world work experience with an internship abroad in Shanghai. Journalism and media internships in Shanghai will prepare a young media professional for their career, offering a vital international perspective to their experience in news and media.

International experience can enrich the perspective of young professionals in a multitude of meaningful ways. It opens up an impressionable young mind to another way of doing things. Interns learn to be flexible with cultural differences and more sensitive to other perspectives and points of view. Learning to be more adaptable and flexible is essential to the success of a journalism, media or communications professional. Moreover, having to start over in a city where you essentially know nobody can be a daunting task. Getting through the process of familiarizing yourself with a new culture, learning the ropes at a foreign office and having to navigate the city on your own will add to a journalism and media intern’s sense of independence and personal responsibility.


Journalism and media internships in Shanghai


Shanghai is China’s most populous city, coming in at about 24 million residents. A global financial hub, Shanghai is also home to a number of competitive and thriving industries. Journalism and media interns in Shanghai are placed in competitive communications internships, where they can gain experience in an international city and learn from leading media professionals. Interns will boost their employability after gaining real-world journalism and media experience in a leading Asian city.


Living in Shanghai

Journalism and media interns in Shanghai will enjoy staying in the accommodation set up through The Intern Group, located in safe neighborhoods. Interns live in private bedrooms in shared apartments with other students, young professionals and interns. Getting around Shanghai is a breeze thanks to the city’s comprehensive public transportation system. It’s the most extensive in the world, and very affordable! The metro, along with international areas, has signs translated into English making it easier for interns to get around.


Journalism and media internships in Shanghai


An introduction to China

A journalism and media internship in Shanghai offers a unique introduction to Chinese culture and the different Chinese languages and dialects, all while interns gain professional experience. Journalism and media interns looking to learn another language can pick up Mandarin while in Shanghai. The language is spoken among most locals, especially in the private sector, although Mandarin isn’t the official regional language. The regional language is actually Shanghainese, which is what interns will hear in informal contexts, during interactions on the street and in stores. However, in recent years Shanghai has seen a push to use more Mandarin, to make the city more international.


Shanghai is a vital city to China’s economy and history and represents both the country’s past and future. Lights dancing, the spectacle of the glittering Lujiazui skyline illuminates Chinese modernity, innovation and economic power. Meanwhile, the old world delights of Shanghai’s Qibao Old Town recreate the simple charms of another era of Chinese history. Journalism and media interns in Shanghai will experience all of the different iterations of Chinese culture they find in Shanghai. There’s just so much to see and soak in.


An international metropolis

Despite being a Chinese city, journalism and media interns will discover that Shanghai boasts many foreign influences. The city is home to a rich international community, making it an ideal place for an international intern. Interns in Shanghai will be able to meet people from all around the world, making international friends and key professional contacts. Shanghai offers rich international sectors where interns can meet expats, travelers and international business people. Foreigners come from all over the world, especially from France, Korea and the United States. International spaces like Irish pubs and burger shops have popped up, too, thanks to the increasingly diverse population. As Shanghai becomes more international, speaking English has also been on the rise, particularly among the city’s youth.


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