Law Internships in London

Achieving a successful law career requires both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. If you are currently a law student or are planning on attending law school, a law internship is essential to make you stand out from others in your field. Because of how high the unemployment rate currently is for those graduating with law degrees, practical experience is a must-have to ensure that you are competitively positioned to seek a full-time legal position.


Legal internships in London


If you are seeking legal experience, a law internship in London would be an ideal way to propel your career while experiencing a different culture. London is renowned for its tradition, and this especially rings true in the legal sphere. Perhaps the most well-known example of London’s legal tradition lies in the Magic Circle, which refers to the five top law firms in the U.K. The success of the Magic Circle firms has most recently been demonstrated by rises in profitability of at least 6 percent across all 5 firms in the 2013-2014 financial year. This continued success, accompanied by the fact that only 40% of their revenue now originates from within the U.K., shows the increasing internationalization of the world’s leading law firms. In the coming years, cultural competence and international experience are likely to be viewed as required skills for any law graduate seeking a career in the Magic Circle or any other top law firm. An international legal internship in a legal and financial hub like London will give you the opportunity to develop these skills.

While living in London, you will have the opportunity to visit important legal sites, such as the Royal Courts of Justice (more commonly known as the Law Courts), where the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales are located, and the Central Criminal Court (AKA the Old Bailey). Furthermore, living in London gives you the chance to learn about the legal system in the U.K., with elements such as the U.K. Parliament, Common Law, and European Union Law. For those who are interested in doing an international comparison of legal systems or in learning about court cases specifically in the U.K., a legal internship in London would be the ideal setting.


Legal internships in London


Finally, if you are seeking an international internship in London relating to the legal field, I would encourage you to look beyond interning at major law firms, and instead consider what you could learn from a boutique law firm or from the legal department of an NGO or non-profit organization. These environments are likely to be smaller workplaces with more opportunities to ask questions and get to know your colleagues. They are sure to be just as enriching of learning experiences as interning at a major law firm would be. If your dream is to become a lawyer with an international perspective, participating in an internship in London would be the perfect blend of practical experience and cultural tradition.

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Source used for this blog post: Elite UK law firms outpace rest of legal market.


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