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Legal Internships in Australia

In the competitive legal field, an internship abroad offers unique, international experience to budding professionals. A legal internship in Australia will help a law students distinguish themselves from their peers, as they start out in their career. Internships give newbies real-world experience working alongside established legal professionals in a foreign country. The experience abroad will also offer young professionals that valuable multicultural perspective and exposure a foreign legal system.


Legal internships in Australia


With international work experience under their belt, law students who work abroad will have an upper hand while applying to their first jobs. Moreover, learning and working in a new cultural environment will enhance an intern’s cultural sensitivity, adaptability and communication skills. Interns will also be able to learn about Australian wildlife and culture during their international adventure in Melbourne.



Living in Melbourne


Interns will fall in love with Melbourne’s laid-back, eclectic, style. The city is perfect for both the young and young at heart. Legal interns in Australia will live in the Preston neighborhood in private room accommodations with showers and bathrooms. Housing also includes internet access, utilities, a kitchen welcome pack, linens and widescreen TVs. The accommodations are based close to public transportation with easy access to Melbourne’s city center.



The Great Outdoors


Australia is famously outdoorsy and is full of amazing sites for nature lovers to explore. The Great Ocean Walk is one of the area’s most famous hikes, along the Victorian coast. The route stretches 104km along the west coast and includes lookouts and access to several beaches. Many hikers just take walks for a few hours though the more extreme adventurers will hike the path for days.


There are many ways to get to know Australia’s diverse animal life. The Great Otway National Park allows visitors to hike through the rainforest and visit the picturesque waterfalls, communing with the local plant and bird life. The park is also famous for its Melba Gully glow worms.



To get to know some bouncy kangaroos, emus and koalas, a trip to the inactive volcano at Tower Hill is just the ticket. Meanwhile, the Port Campbell National Park offers an unforgettable view of the rock sculptures of the 12 Apostles. To get a view of some southern right whales, visitors can even take a peek at the nursery in Warrnambool.



The Aussie Cultural Capital


The country’s second-largest city, Melbourne is known as Australia’s cultural capital. Apart from its vibrant arts scene, Melbourne is known for its culture due to the many immigrant communities that have influenced the city. Large pockets of Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and Lebanese immigrants call Melbourne home. The city is also boasts the largest population of people with Greek heritage outside Greece.


One particularly vibrant neighborhood is Fitzroy, Melbourne’s cool bohemian sector. The sector is full of unique shops, street art, galleries and more. On Saturdays, locals and visitors alike flock to the area to get a taste of the local coffee shops and restaurants. Depending on the time of day, Bruswick Street can offer a good breakfast and a good brew, as it’s known for excellent bars and quality breakfast joints. The neighborhood’s specialty bookshops, like Brunswick Street Books and Polyester, add to the neighborhood’s charm, as do local vintage shops like Vintage Sole and Somebuddy Loves you.





Keeping with its reputation as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne boasts the highest number of live music venues in the country. Though the city also has a smattering of theatre and comedy clubs, music is Melbourne’s leading source of live entertainment. Sweaty, uncouth venues like Cherry or Ding Dong lounge are ideal for catching up-and-coming talent. Meanwhile, many country, roots and folk bands play at joints like Cornish Arms and Sydney Road.


Legal internships in Australia



Boost your career


Kick off a career in law in Australia’s booming, cultural capital. Understanding the legal sector down under will give a budding professional unique insight and experience to take with them to their first job. While earning that crucial real-world experience, interns will also be expanding their worldview and exploring Australia’s diverse wildlife.


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Photo 1. based on I’m a little rocket ship, by Jes, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Central Melbourne, by Francisco Anzola, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on this wheel’s on fire, by Jes, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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