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31 ways to add adventure to your internship abroad

Take some time away from the typical tourist traps and try to explore the authentic places where you’re living. You’ll make genuine discoveries about a new culture and get better acquainted with the local way of life. Add a little adventure to your internship abroad and live like a local.


1. Invest some time in wandering


2. Ask locals for tips whenever you can



3. Avoid eating at chain restaurants and going to expat spots


4. Say “yes” as much as possible


5. Pretend this is your new home and check out local community events



6. Plan a camping trip somewhere nearby


7. Hop on a local bus without knowing exactly where you’re going


8. Get lost in an interesting (and safe) neighborhood


live like a local


9. Find a trekking group and go for a hike


10. Strike up conversations with strangers


11. Get out of the house early, take a map with you and don’t make any specific plans



12. Check out a local farmer’s market


13. Investigate to see if there are any “alternative” tours in the city and where they go


14. Always wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk longer and further



15. Bring water and a snack with you so that you don’t have to find somewhere to eat if you come across somewhere interesting


16. Pick a weekend to fly to another city


17. Ask your coworkers for their favorite places to go nearby



18. Pay attention to seasonal festivals and events and put them on your calendar


19. Pick a dish on the menu that you’ve never tried before


20. Speak in the local language as much as possible – you’ll meet more locals that way


live like a local


21. Explore an alternative bookstore


22. People-watch in the park


23. Take a notebook with you wherever you go so that you can write down questions and comments


24. Read a book that is located in your new city and walk around with the mindset of the protagonist


25. Find an outdoor cafe where you can check out strangers and read the paper



26. Attend city protests or marches



27. Opt for alleys and small streets over large boulevards (only during the day)


28. At intern meetups try to talk to people from foreign countries


29. Try an ice cream flavor you’ve never tried before


30. Don’t be afraid to be alone – oftentimes the best adventures start that way



31. Take the road less traveled (whatever that means to you)


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1. based on 2012 Adventure Photography Competition, by Frontierofficial, CC-by-2.0

2. by The Intern Group

3. based on 2012 Adventure Photography Competition, by Frontierofficial, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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