Published on November 13, 2014

Tips for getting a job offer after your internship


Internships can be much more than just work experience for your CV. If you do everything right, your internship might just turn into a job offer! You are at a competitive advantage if your end goal is a full time position at the company where you are interning because you'll have the unique opportunity to prove that you deserve to be there. You'll be able to give your bosses the confidence they'll need when hiring new talent, as they will know you are not a risk. Below, we have come up with some tips to help you make your internship a job.

1. BE PROFESSIONAL: If you can easily fit in the professional environment from the start, your maturity and ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines will be evident. This is one of the key things that your employers will consider when choosing who to hire.

2. BE ENTHUSIASTIC THROUGHOUT: As mentioned in our “6 Tips To Start Your Internship Right” blog post, having the right attitude is extremely important on your first day. However, maintaining this attitude is the extra factor that could secure you a job after your internship. It will show that you enjoy your work, will want to stay with the company, and will be willing to put in the hard work and long hours, if hired.

3. ASK FOR FEEDBACK: This will not only help you to learn how you can do better, which will ultimately help you to improve, but will also demonstrate that you want to improve. An intern that wants to do better, and has the ability to do better, will do better. Interns make mistakes, you’re there to learn, and asking for feedback will show your maturity and willingness to adapt to fill the role. Importantly, once you’ve asked for feedback, listen carefully and use it! If your employer sees you improving and growing into your role, they will start to see your full potential.

4. LEARN FROM YOUR CO-WORKERS: Whether your co-workers came from a similar background to you, or came through completely different channels, they have all ended up in the same place. Ask about their experiences and learn from them. It is also important to find out what they like and dislike about their jobs so you can make sure it is the perfect fit for you and also to help you fit in.

5. BE PERSONABLE. How well you get on with your colleagues can be a major factor when it comes to securing a job in the same company after your internship. You are not only being assessed on how you handle difficult situations, but also how well you work in a team. Many candidates have similar education and experience profiles, so your social skills can set you apart from the other candidates. Socializing doesn’t just take place while working with others, but you can also form bonds outside of the office, during lunch or after work. Your employers are going to have to spend a lot of time with whomever they hire, so how well they got on with you could be a big factor when it comes to their decision. Getting on with the rest of your team could also be helpful when it comes to finding other employment. If you maintain a good relationship with them after your internship they might use their contacts to help you find a job after university. However, remember to find a good balance between being sociable and being professional!

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